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The Story Of The Story

Now this is a story about a story who desperately wanted to be written

. A story that was to very keen to be written about. Now she walked from people to people, person to person trying to get people to write her. “No” or I simply have no time” or what could I do with writing stories “Was the usual reply. So the poor story was tired and disappointed.

Then she went to the jungle, and went to the bear and asked “can you write me, I’m a story” but the only reply she hear was a gruff “no”. After wards she moved towards a wild horse but even he said “I can gallop but I cannot write “. Sadly the story went to this time a lion, she asked “Can you write me, I’m a very interesting and exiting story, but the lion growled “I don’t write stories. And rather, the stories are written about me, don’t you know …. I’m the king of the jungle”. He shoo’d the story away.

  So frustrated…she moved to the lizards and amphibians in a new hope that one of them just might agree to write her. The story started off with a lizard by asking him ‘’  Can you write me , I’m a story ,I’ve been travelling lots of people and animals now and I’m sure you’ll write me ‘’ But the lizard had no idea what a story was and he asked “What’s a story?” The story enthusiastically replied “A story is a piece of writing that can be descriptive, theatrical, dramatical, poetic or narrative. It can be a comedy or a tragedy’’ “oh” said the lizard “I know now, but no I can’t. People are ignorant and careless about me; they trample me, so why would they bother reading a story written by me. Very tired out the moved on and very soon reached the coastline. She saw a heron and asked “I’m a very exciting and interesting story, will you help to write me?” But the heron stoutly replied “No, I’m too busy swimming and catching fish in the water. I don’t have time for such things”. As she walked she asked the duck who was the only one in sight at the moment so she asked the duck “I’m a story and will you help to write me” But the duck sadly shook her head “People can hardly understand what I keep quacking all day so I think a story will be a bad idea”. The story was exhausted and she walked with her head down in the dumps.

But as she walked she saw a girl in sight. The girl was in tatters and almost naked. She was playing with dust and sticks and broken pottery. To tell she seemed quite content. The story’s eyes lighted and she almost ran towards the girl. She asked “ I’m a very interesting and exciting story and I’ve been searching for miles and miles for someone who is willing to write me and you seem to be the only one that my hopes are with so will you write me?” the story triumphantly finished. “Ahhh!” Replied the girl thoughtfully “Yes I’d love to, it would be completely amazing”. The story was so happy that she did a little dance and ran around in circles. But there is one problem and that is I don’t know how to write. “Oh I see” the story said down-casted. She looked around……..We can manage, we can manage. She looked around her and saw a woodpecker working away furiously. Just stay here” said the story. So the story went onto the tree on which the woodpecker was working on and said hello “oh hi” said the woodpecker. “Oh dear woodpecker, God has blessed you with a pen like beak just to write stories! Now I’ve also got a little girl with me to write the story, so will you help me” “Will I get famous?” the woodpecker stroked her feathers anxiously. “Of course you will, people all around the world will get to know about you.” The woodpecker replied “I see, but the only problem is that I don’t know how to write” “Oh don’t you worry about that” and she led the woodpecker to the little girl. Now what to do first is to find a good patch of dust. They soon found it! Then said the story I will give you instructions, if to a make a straight line or horizontal, a vertical or a diagonal, a straight line or a circle. So the three spent the afternoon writing the story.

So after a thousand years later, a person, an excavator and an archeologist discovered that very story that the woodpecker and the girl had written beneath a pile of dust. They quickly uncovered the story and built a very strong firm wall around it. None of the experts could decipher that story. A commission of lexicologists is still trying to understand and transcribe that story. All they know is that it’s some kind of story written several thousand years ago. The story still goes round people whispering ideas into their mind, so if  by any chance you get an idea don’t wait because she’s not patient, just write it down. So the next time you get an idea for a story , you know exactly who has just paid a visit to you.

P.S.Always keep a lookout for her because you just might miss her. 

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