Story Treasury

Alice and the lonely fairy


Once upon a time there was a little girl called Alice. Every day she went to play in her lovely garden, one day she heard someone sobbing, ‘who is crying?’ she asked.She looked around to see who could it be but Alice saw noyone.

‘I am’ said a tiny twinkly voice. So Alice turned around and saw a small fairy on the swing, crying. The fairy rubbed her eyes and said ‘My name is Emily the emerald fairy, I made all the emeralds on your dress, there was a very big storm in Fairyland and the wind was too strong so it blew me away and all the others too so now I am lost in the human world’. And she burst into tears again. Both were quite for a while, Alice was thinking, Emily was crying .And then a super idea came up. You can live in my house.

‘But what about your parents and where should I live’ cried the scared fairy. But Alice was gone, so Emily went after her, for she was scared another storm would come up. When she stopped

She saw Alice holding one of her dolls castle. “Here’s a castle for you to live in” said Alice. Truly the castle was magnificent; she flew in and explored the palace. It was a lovely evening and she could always sense it so she went outside a found a flower that looked quite same as the ones in Fairyland, she sat down and enjoyed it for it was autumn and the lovely breeze she did have fun like that for six months until a fine spring day news reached her that Fairy land was fixed she was so happy that she flew with a tiny bye.


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