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Life of an Ant

She never knew it will turn so riskier a place.  Bikes and motorbikes passed by at times very close. And it was getting drier and hotter too.  The very day evening, the wind storm swept away almost everything. The canopies of pests living by and beetles’ huts that they erected with sweat and toil last week.  She never knew how could her shelter composed of sand and clay survived. “A couple of more days, if she kept living at the same place, she will lose her heart and soul, her reason to exist. If survived from chilling heat, children would rush ever, otherwise the edge of a black horrible monster, spinning around would demolish everything,” she believed. She had to more all her eggs today to a cool and dry place today, at all cost. Moving her tiny eggs, to the trunk of a tree one by one, took almost all that evening. But to her misfortune, it did happen what she was horrified from in advance. When she turned back for a seventh round, her house was trampled over. No sooner did she recover from the shock, she ran back to the trunk of the tree. With sobs and cries, she spent all that night tossing and turning in her bed. The next day morning all her eggs less than a dozen she could save last day, watched expected the two. She was happy, but sad too for the two eggs turning infertile, and the other’s that she lust a day before.

The young little ants were lovely and innocent but almost always hungry. Since dawn to dusk she kept searching for food. Tiny particles of seed, freshly thrown over bones with some juice on it, fruit peel offs and the deed beetles and flies she and all other ants needed almost everything to feed their young ones. But the next day she and her young one’s almost thought of she and her young one’s almost having a feast when she caught her eye on the piece of a sweet. Almost hundreds of ants stuck around a gulab jaman to swallow all of it piece by piece. Covering up all around one could hardly see the sweet ball. Suddenly an ugly big black crow attacked on the jaman and gulped it in a single chunk. Only a few of the ant could survive, those who fell from the black predator’s beak before it gulped it. Alas the mother ant went straight into the stomach of the crow.

Three tiny ants had to survive on their own. With a great difficulty but the young ones survived, grew up and began their own life. This season it rained too heavily. Two of them got washed away, only one survived. She planed settling under the flower pot nicely placed in the balcony of a house, where two little girls would take care of everything. The flowers, the birds, the friendly ladybugs and baby butterflies. Over there, the young and lovely ants, now grew up gave scores of eggs. All survived. All hatched and they set up an entire ant colony there. Now they are happy and thriving in and around the flower pots. No threat, at all because the girls love the house at all cost, it becomes too dry or  rains too heavily.

 Note : A gulab jaman is a very juicyand slightly large  sweet and  it is very popular in Pakistan


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