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A diary of a dinosaur

Dear Dairy,

Hi! My name’s Ronnie and I’m a diplodocus.   “Oh no”‘ I groaned to myself. I had overslept, yet again! I quickly snapped a a few branches because i had no time to squeeze the milkfrom leaves and get a specific plant for cereal. Then i rushed to school and the had to go through the long path as usual because the shortcut was well occupied by the carnivores school so if i went through there i might get eaten up or something. That day when i entered class, Mrs Vicious, our hunting technique teaachersnarled at me. Today’s lesson we the herbivores had to run aaway form the carnivoresso carnivores got to learn how to hunt and we practiced on how to save our lives. You see the herbivores and the carnivores had a seperate school.Break, we had our lunch followed by a very long and boring lecture by Mr. Herb on which herbs are good for us and which ones can cure diseases.And to tell you the truth, i slept the whole time.

When I got home, dumped my bag and went out to play with my best pal Fogster. We played ”Twist your neck in rope” but very annoyingly my mother threatened my pocket leaves to be banned if i ever played that game again.SO i went to the nearby shop and bought a crisp packet of pine leaves.Afterwards, i went home to see that my brother was playing on my X-box. Angrily, i snatched it from him.Rop stomped out of the cave so loudly that I actually thought that there might be an earthquake!!

(There is more to come of ronnie and rop, and the second part of this dairy will be uploaded soon)


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