Mr. Eggey Craft


This eggey- smiley is very easy to make!! All we need is the stuff from everday use.

First of all we need to empty an eggshell and soak it into yellow food colouring.When the  colour has thoroughly stained the egg  take it out and leave it outside to dry.When the egg has dried,  stuff cotton into it. Afterwards get an empty tape disk.Stick the bottom with a cicle the same size of the tape disk and also put a little bit of cotten into it’because if it is empty the egggg will keep on slipping out. Stick the egg into the disk type of bowl and for the finishing-touch get lots of wood shavings and stick them on top of the egg. Finally with a tube of acrylic paintmake a smiley fave. Also add the eyes with little balls of play dough. And that’s about it………


I'd love to know what you think. Comments make my day!! ♥

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