Name Mobile


This name Name Mobile can be used to hang at the door of your room (as I did to mine) or simply anywhere and it will be sure to attract some ”WOW’s”. So be absolutely sure to check out this great craft.

All you need to make a Name Mobile is some string, large beads and lots and lots of icecream sticks (instead of giving yourself an excuse to eat so many icecreams to get these sticks why not head to an arts of crafts shop and get a packet that has hundreds). I’ve written VANA instead of Nirvana cos that was way too long……

First of all arrange the letters of your name out and stick it with glue. Paint them in bright colours and make a hole in each place with a hole puncture in which you can suitably hang it and also make holes in the bottom so you can hang it. Stick two icecream sticks to make a long rod in which you will hang your name. now with the help of string(I used shiny embroidery thread)  attach the letters of your name and hang the large beads at the bottom.


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