Indonesian Puppet

DSC08176To make this traditional Indonasion puppet is very easy really…. plus it’s end results are fun.I actually copied from a stencil but since I’ve lost it so you guys can do it  by copying from the picture above!

First draw out your puppet but remember to leave out the arms and draw them separately.Then with a  split pin attach the arms together.If you may want to outline the puppet then the best time to do it is now.For the end results attach a wooden stick or dowel.

But to do a whole puppet show we need a proper place to do it so here are the instructions…..First of all hang a white sheet  from an open doorway.That way the two rooms will be separated, one will be the puppeteer’s side and the other is where the audience will watch!! 😀 On your side put a table… this will be the place you will sit while puppeteering.Just a little behing attach a large light.Now that’s all there is to this Indonesian puppet

I'd love to know what you think. Comments make my day!! ♥

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