Treasure Box


Okey Dokey! Hello world! It has been for such a long time since I have posted anything all because I had my exams.Iam so sick of all the hours of preparation and immense boredom.If any of you readers have noticed the lack of stories don’t worry cos’ they are all patiently sitting in my notebook waiting to be typed and published on my blog!! 😀 But anyway enough of that and let’s actually get to business.

So I somewhat managed to scrape up some time to make a treasure box.So first of all I got an old cardboard shoe box and put on 2 layers of paper mache’ (Layers of tissue paper coated with two parts glue and one part water mixture) and let to dry.After 24 hours I coated with a layer of white glue so when we paint we have a smooth texture.Afterwards when that has also dried ………paint with any colors of your choice ( I painted red at the top and yellow at the bottem).Then make a shape of an ancient type of lock and decorate with all sorts of dazzle and glitter.FINALLY stick it on the treasure box which is now ready for use.I use it to store my bracelets and bangles


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