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Today is Unique!!! 21st Dec 2012

Today is supposed to be a very special day because today is 21st December 2012.First of all it is winter solstice today and the sun is overhead the equator.The northern hemisphere is going to have more than a twelve hour night.But most importantly there are many myths and guesses about 21-12-12.

Today the Myan calendar will end. According to the Myan people today is the end of the world and everything will be destroyed.It’s actually a very significent day in history and Egyption also have their own guesses.Today will be the resurruction of Orises (The bull of Egypt) and something other than that will also happen.It’s not gonna be the end of the world according to the egyptions but it is end of the age of Pisces and the start of the age of Aquarius.And with all these cultures apart let’s move onto astromony and have a look at it.Astronumers had calculated that the the galaxy the the sun orbits, is going to line  up witha black hole.

Apart from all this it is the start of a new galactic year witch comes in 26,00 years1i07llrp3sv6af2gjk3maapy3f1ub7g.suggested_large 3561279952_f5e166ffc9_o mayan-calendar-december-21-2012 Mayan-Calendar-Dec-21-2012-End-Baktun-Long-Count

Oh well! Such a significant day in history and it’s just gone without celebration?????? C’mon everyone kick up something cos it’s time to celebrate.

(By the way it’s still evening and the world hasn’t ended)

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