Birds our adorable creatures!!!

Cheep-cheep….. Treep-treep…Aren’t these creatures adorable. They just keep on chirping all day long taking no care what’s around them. But when it comes to a predator bird and they are the prey themselves, quick as lightning they jet to the air flying away for dear life!


We all know that birds are such delightful creatures but it is also our responsibility to save them and I will show you exactly what I mean in the next few paragraphs.


Most dangerous of all are oil spills in the sea. They can seriously damage the bird’s feathers because the barbs of a feather are attached to one another with hooks rather like Velcro. Oil damages the feathers so the hooks no longer work and the bird cannot fly, how miserable. You can see the hooks on a feather by looking through a magnifying glass. Try breaking the hooks apart and then joining them together like a zip. This effect is useful in stormy weather because the bird can ‘‘zip’’ them up together again.


But then it is bird shooting and people think it as a fun sport and actually have competitions e.g. Try to kill the most pigeons as you can. But imagine if you were a bird and you were trying to save your life BOOM!!! And you die…. just imagine you have no funerals for your death but are just then threw off.


But sometimes it not bird shooting, nor oil spills ……it’s just that they starve to death. You don’t need to buy something for them you can just give them some of your food scraps that you don’t need like bread but before you get in action just remember to make it into small bird-sized chunks and then leaving it out for the birds. But if you’re great fans of the birds and want to give them something more appetizing you can search the internet where there are lots of recipes that have household ingredients that you even don’t need to buy.


So now you have learnt the sad story of birds and will hopefully care about them as much as I do.:D

I'd love to know what you think. Comments make my day!! ♥

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