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My Worst Birthday

My heavy eyelid s just didn’t seem to agree with me because what I wanted to do was wake up. But  then an exciting thought flashed through my mind and even persuaded my eyelids to open “IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!!” I quickly woke up and very quickly scrambled for my clothes. Then I went down the stairs stepping three at a time. On the bottom step I heard a cheesy ‘’squelch.’’ And then “disgusting” I thought to myself. But before I knew it I had stepped on my brother’s slime (which was now obviously ruined but right now that was not the problem) and in less than a microsecond, I found myself flat on the floor. Rubbing my face and knees I ran to breakfast. To my utmost surprise there was no sign of a celebration or a birthday. And can any one of you imagine, there were no presents!!My heart sank. A lump appeared in my throat. I tried to stay optimistic and told myself that it might have just forgotten. But a tiny voice in my head still kept on insisting that my family had forgotten my birthday after all. Very quietly, I gulped down my toast and tried to speak in a somewhat happy tone. But my voice faltered. I thought it was best if I chose to stay silent. But there was no time to lose, because exactly at that untimed moment……the school bus arrived.

In my misery I had wasted quite a few minutes, so it turned out that my watch wasn’t lying. It was 8:10 and the bus was honking very impatiently. Very quickly I had to grab my shoes in my hand because there wasn’t enough time to put them on right now and I would just have to wear them in the bus. I grabbed my bag and trudged to the bus. Over there, I got quite a few laughs because I was wearing my pink fluffy cute and furry rabbit slippers. Hastily I wore my school shoes and shoved my fluffy slippers into my bag. And you better trust me when I say this…..A start like this to your birthday is not a good sign that indicated that your birthday is going to be anywhere near something fun exciting or something to look forward to. And the really bad thing is that I was right. And what’s more, is that it turns out to be my worst birthday ever.

After an exceptionally boring day at school I was really looking forward to something fun to happen. I played with my kitten, stroked her, and fed her and what not. All to spend time, I really was getting very sad now and after all those days of planning my part is this how the big day would turn out….No way was I gonna let that happen so I got up and tried to do something. But that really tested my will power because at the moment all I wanted to do was cry. Finally I got up and started putting on the decorations. At school all my friend didn’t seem very enthusiastic and they would whisper and talk and when I would come they would huddle and immediately change the subject. So I didn’t have any bug hopes from my friends either.  Find they my cake from the bakery arrived.  I eagerly opened the festive wrapping and peeked inside.  Do my utmost horror, instead of a pink fairy cake; there was a green ogre cake.  I did was infuriating because my brother seemed to find that very funny.  It was horrifying.  After all that time I’d imagined the cake this was how it turned out.  I went upstairs and began to cry.  And I was so sad…. so angry….. So lonely. Everything was terrible…… good cake, no presents and I only guess that it’s how the party turns out.

Just at that moment the doorbell rang and I knew one of my friends had arrived. I opened the door to see Rosa, and I brought her in. I asked her when Liliane and the others were coming. She told me that Liliane has the flu; Harriet went to her cousin’s birthday so she couldn’t come to mine, Kenny’s father was at office and her mother wasn’t feeling very well so she couldn’t come either because there was no one to drop her. My heart sank lower and lower each time Rosa would tell me about someone else. I can’t describe my feelings. How could no one come? It couldn’t be a coincidence and I was glummer than ever because they all didn’t want to come because they hated me, they didn’t even care about me and why would they ever want to come to my birthday. My conscience kept on producing ghastly thoughts. But then Rosa asked me “What’s the matter”. She probably knew what the matter was but I guess she was only trying to make me feel better.

There is no doubt about it, and this really is my unhappiest birthday ever. Suddenly I envied the people who enjoyed the day when they got one year older. Very soon the miserable party was in full swing (but how could it be when the only kids present were me, Rosa and my brother) Anyway, the only moment I enjoyed was cutting the cake (even if it was the ogre cake). First I took a huge breath and then blew. I opened my eyes and saw that all the candles were blown. “Make a wish” My mom said softly. Then I wished and wished with all my heart that my birthday turned out well. I knew that you think that I’ve wasted my wish, but I’ve not. I was so miserable that I desperately needed something good to happen. I went to the games box and let out a huge groan. My kitten/cat had ripped and torn and crated a total mess on the box where I had all the party games organized.What? How could this happen, disaster after disaster.I tried my absolute best to hide my feelings and tried to put on a happy and excited face.Afterwards  I went up to my room and Rosa, me and my brother had a game of SNAP. I kept on winning which made me a teeny weeny bit happy. We played paper games too and they turned out to be quite fun. I looked at my watch and it turned out that we had been upstairs for an hour. Finally when I went to get something to drink Rosa and my brother quickly sped downstairs.”Wierd” I thought to myself.It was very strange why they had run off like that I thought it was pretty suspicious.Unable to hold my curiosity I followed them.

When I went to the living room surprisingly found that the light wasn’t on. I turned on the light; when suddenly I heard yells saying “SURPRISE!!!”. I felt shocked (in a good way). It was a really happy moment. Suddenly I realized that that’s why my day was so miserable. I was so very happy that they had thrown a surprise party for me. I was unable to describe my feelings, I was bursting with happiness!!!The decorations had totally changed, there were loads and loads of balloons an unbelievable amount of streamers and these was this huge glittering posters saying “Happy Birthday Mia!” which really pleased me a lot. Everything was great. I also got to cut another cake which was the fairy one I had ordered. My parents, my cousins, Harriet,Kenny,Liliane,Kashaff and Rosa  all gave me presents which was absolutely great. Even my brother managed to produce something. Rosa told me how she thought that it might be suspicious when. Lillian didn’t come, or when the living room’s light was off, which was really surprising because I hadn’t suspected anything. The whole night was lovely; it was amazing it was the best day ever. I can’t put my great feeling into words. We played lots of great games such as pin the pin the tail on the Donkey, or Hide and Seek, treasure hunt and it all was concluded by a very rowdy game of tag. I guess my day wasn’t that bad after all. Are you kidding??? Because it was my best day of my life. I guess my wish came true after all. My heart is thumping with joy……. And I couldn’t have been happier. There couldn’t be a better way to celebrate the day got a year older.


Note:This story is a work of fiction

9 thoughts on “My Worst Birthday

  1. Great story, Mia (are you sure you’re only 11!)

    I’m glad you liked Ariel. I don’t have a kitten, but I’m in luck-Ariel is part dog, part cat-a heavenly combination.

    I’m impressed that you like Greek mythology too.


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