Story Treasury

Stationary Organizer

DSC08226Last week I made a stationary organizer.It turned out to be very helpful.My pencil holder was very crammed and so the stationary organizer came as a great brainstorm to me.And what’s more…It turned out to be very easy to make.

First I got a large square of purple spongy paper (the colour scheming can be changed according to the way you want it to be.)Spongy paper can be bought in sheets as big as cardboard and in a variety of colours. It’s waterproof and is a little bit like fabric. Anyway, I also cut some smaller squares which were to be the pockets and a very long and thin rectangle which will be the ruler pocket. I drew some designs with a permanent marker and then pasted with glue (if you use  UHU then the organizer will be able to hold more pens). Then just fit in your stationary organizer onto a wall near your desk or shelf. Taadaaa!! Your stationary organizer is totally ready to use now!!

I'd love to know what you think. Comments make my day!! ♥

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