Ice-cream Stick Catapault



Okey dokey!! Here I am with yet another crafty post!!! This time it’s going to be a catapult made from………ice-cream sticks!!! It’s actually one of of the easiest crafts ever.Be sure to make one because you require is lots of ice cream sticks and rubber band – which are stuff you can easily get around the house. I’m planning to use lots of photos in all my posts from now on to make it easier for everyone to make a craft.If you plan on making this i guess you all will just have start saving the sticks from all the icecreams you eat!! 😀

Anyway here’s how to make it…….


First of all make a stack using about 8-12 icecream sticks. The amount of sticks depends on how high you want your catapault to be.


Then next you need to get two more ice cream sticks……..

DSC08444Then we need to put one stick under the stack of sticks and one over it. After you have done that bind up the sticks with rubber bands.Using rubber bands is important as it let’s you to make the catapault very springy.


And then you are………………………DONE!!I told you that it was easy!


4 thoughts on “Ice-cream Stick Catapault

    • Ya! It is fun for sure!! I’ve made about five already!! I guess it goes about two feet far and and if the stick is longer than my usual ones it will go a bit more further! 😀


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