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The archer!!!


Okay! If there is one thing you guys don’t know about me….

  It’s my craze for archery.

I just love the way they pick up a bow and arrow and start aiming at the target.I always dreamed of having one when a brainstorm came to me…..

Why not that I make one myself! 😀

So from then on I was always on the lookout for a good strong but bendy stick that I could use to make my bow. Finally I found one!!!

For the all other people in the world who go crazy for archery….This tutorial is just for you, because today I’ll show you how to make a bow and arrow!!!!

First of all create slits at the two ends of the stick. It will be easy to tie the string through them now

Then get some strong transparent nylon thread.. and ofcourse tie it through the slits of the bendy stick.Make sure it is extra tight and that it is putting a little bit of pressure on the bow stick. If you stick snaps at that’s just not strong enough.If it works then…..


But   HEY…..It seems like there is something missing.It’s the arrows of course!!!!


 Find lots and lots of extra straight sticks slightly bigger than the distance between your string and the bow.Around twelve would be great!


Then finallly make a slit in the exact middle of the bow where we will fit the arrow.And that’s all.We have our very own bow.

Here is how I put my arrows…..


I slung them around my back and pretended to be a real huntress. I also made a target board on a square piece of styrofoam and practiced on that!



Until then…..


            xxx    Nirvana


5 thoughts on “The archer!!!

  1. Nirvana, I love your archery post, and the photos! I also loved archery as a girl and used to make bows and arrows just like yours. I also love your artwork. I read your profile and see _A LIttle Princess_ is one of your favorite books. Is that the one by Frances Hodgson Burnett about Sara, who grew up in India and whose father lost all his money so that she went from riches to rags and was mistreated in that horrible school run by Miss Minchin?


    • Thanks!!! It’s very nice to hear to you liked my post. Thank goodness I’m not the only girl in the world who likes archer!!! 😀 Yep, youre right…..A little princess is about Sara who went to miss minchin’s school and then lost her fortune. It’s just written so beautifully that I stayed up hours in the night to read it and I actually cried with happiness when she got her fortune back……


  2. Yes, I was glad that Sara got her fortune back–and more importantly, got out of the clutches of the horrible Miss Minchin–but I also felt that in some ways, experiencing hardship was a good thing for her, that enriched her in other ways. If that hadn’t happened to her, she would have been just another spoiled little rich girl, used to getting whatever she asked for and never doing anything for herself. The one thing she did that I doubt if I could ever do was to make friends with that mouse–Melchisedec, did she call it?
    And no, you’re by no means the only girl in the world who lieks archery! Keep on doing what you love!


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