Colourful Windows Town!!!


Hi !

Today I’m going to show you how to make these beautiful colorful windows town in just a few steps!! Yeah sure it takes a little bit of time in the cutting part but when your finally done just stick it against a sunny window and get a really cool result (my camera didn’t exactly catch the photo correctly  😀 )!!!!! So to get started we need to have:

  • Craft Knife
  • ‘9 by 23’ inches cardboard in a pale colour
  • Crepe paper in lots of different colours
  • Permanent Marker

First of all, draw lots of  rectangles across the cardboard..Then turn each of it into a building , making sure that each of the buildings  have a lot of windows with a black permanent marker. Here are a few more ideas that you may want to use……











Then with a craft knife carefully cut  cut out each and every of the windows…..


After cutting out all the windows, turn the town on it’s back. Then put a coloured piece of crepe paper on each building’s back.Then tape them to their places like this:


Here is what they will look like by now…..


FINALLY!!!!…….. cut out the skyline of the different buildings (you know, trim them around the outline) ….And then we are done. Just stick it to a window and get really cool results 😀 !!!!!




(Can you believe it…. I used 11 photos in this post and that is a personal best!!!)


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