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The old Lady and the Poprice

HI guys!! Today’s story is a Siriaki (my mother language) folk tale about an old lady who desperately tries to get back her piece of poprice. But what I really like is the way she is determined to achieve her goal… no matter how many obstacle cross her way. So never give up on something and try your best until you get it.

Once upon a faraway land, there used to live an old lady. This old lady used to make her living by selling poprice. So every day, just upon the crack of dawn, she would always be seen right by her cart of poprice on the edge of the street. Now one day, she was just serving a little boy – when a rather large piece of poprice fell onto the ground.

Just then, a big sleek black crow swooped down from a pine tree and grabbed that piece of pop rice in his mouth and landed back on the highest branch of an oak tree. The old lady was very angry and she demanded the crow to return the poprice.
“Give that piece of poprice back to me right this minute”

But the crow replied “Why should I return the poprice, I would never.” The infuriated old lady then said “If you don’t return the poprice then I tell the oak tree to throw you off. So she turned to the oak tree and then said “O tree O tree will you throw the crow off your branches” but the tree didn’t want to and it replied, “Why should I throw the crow off my branches, I would never”.

The old woman replied “If you don’t then I will tell the woodcutter to cut you off”!

So she went to find the wood cutter. After a long search she finally found him and she said “O woodcutter O woodcutter, will you cut off the oak tree?” But to that the woodcutter replied “Why should I cut the tree, I would never!” The old lady was angry and she said “If you don’t cut off the tree then I’ll tell the king to banish you from his kingdom. And so she proceeded to the king’s castle and said to him “O king O king, will you banish the woodcutter form your kingdom.” But it turned out that the king was unwilling and he said “Why should I banish the woodcutter, I would never” Then the old lady said “If you don’t banish the woodcutter then I will tell the queen to be angry with you!!! And it turned out that the old pop rice seller lady did exactly that!

SO she went into the Queen’s chamber and said “O queen O queen, will you be angry with the king. But to that the queen’s only reply was “Why on earth should I be angry with the king, I would never” By this time the old lady was exhausted but she still managed to say “If you don’t be angry the king then I will tell the rats to gnaw at all your jewelry” But even that wouldn’t make the queen budge on her opinion. So she went back out to search for the street rats. Finally, when she had found them she said “O rats O rats, will you gnaw at the queen’s at the queen’s jewelry” But it turned out that the rats were too busy stealing trash from the garbage bins and so they replied “Why should we gnaw at the queen’s jewelry, we would never”Untitled

The old lady had gotten very angry by this time and she said to them “ If you don’t gnaw at the queen’s jewelry then I will tell the cats to gobble you all up” and so she did exactly that……..

“O cat O cat will you gobble up the rats” to which the cats replied…

“Why should I gobble up the rats I would never” The poor old lady was tired but she still moved on and said to the cat “If you don’t then I will tell the dogs to chase you all around town”

So she went to the dogs and said “O dogs O dogs will you chase the cats” to which they replied  “ Why should we chase the cats, we would never” But the old lady was very determined this time and she threatened “ If you don’t chase the cats then I will tell the sticks to beat you all up” And so she went to the sticks and said just that “ O sticks O sticks will you beat up the dogs.” But the sticks had their own ideas and they replied “Why should we beat up the dogs because we would never”

The exhausted and worn out old lady then warned them “If you don’t beat up the dogs then I will tell Fire to burn you into ashes”  SO she went up to the glowing fire and said  “Oh Fire Oh Fire will you burn the sticks to ashes??” But very soon it was clear that fire had her own plans. Fire replied “Why should I burn the sticks, I would never” The old lady said “If you don’t then I will tell the mighty river to run over you and drown you”

So walking to the end of the river bank she said “ O mighty river O mighty river, will you run over fire and drown her” …..But the river didn’t feel like it and it said “Why should I drown fire, I would never. The old lady threatened “If you don’t drown fire then I’ll tell the elephant to suck you all up”. And as you might have already guessed …….. She did exactly that!!!

She went up to the huge gentle elephant towering above her and said “O mighty elephant, O mighty elephant, will you suck up the entire river for me???” The elephant stoutly replied “Why on earth should I suck up the entire river, I would never”. The old lady, though immensely tired and worn out was still angry with the crow and she warned “If you don’t suck up the river, then I’ll tell the mosquito to buzz all around your ear”

Finally she went to the mosquito said “ O mosquito O mosquito , will you PLEASE buzz around the elephant’s ear”  “All right” said the mosquito simply “ I’d be simply delighted to buzz around the elephants ear”

“NO, No, NO” the elephant cried “Don’t buzz all around my ear, I’ll suck up the river in the big trunk”

“No, NO, NO” The river cried “Don’t suck me all up, I’ll drown the fire”

“Oh, no, no, no” Fire cried “Please don’t drown me, I’ll gladly burn all the sticks”

“NO No No” The sticks cried in fear “Don’t burn us all up, we’ll beat up the dogs”

“No No No” cried the poor dogs “ Don’t beat us all up, we’ll chase the cats all around town”

“No No, No” Yowled the scared cats “ Don’t chase us all, we’ll gladly gobble up all the rats”

“No, No, No” Cried the street rats  “Please don’t gobble us all up, we’ll gnaw at all the queen’s jewelry”

“No, No, No” Shrieked the queen in despair “Don’t gnaw at my precious jewelry, I’ll be angry with the king, I will, I will”

“NO, No, No” cried the poor king “Please don’t be angry with me, I promise you that I will banish the woodcutter from my kingdom”

“No, No, No” The poor woodcutter cried sadly “Please don’t banish me, I’ll cut down the oak tree”

“NO NO No” The ancient tree cried in despair “Please don’t cut me, I will throw the crow off my branches in less than a second”

“No, No ,No” Cried the crow “Don’t throw me off your branches, I’ll return the piece of poprice.”

And sure enough the next moment the crow swooped down and gave the piece of poprice back to the old lady.

The old lady was overcome with happiness beyond measure for getting back her poprice. The rest of the king’s kingdom also lived in perfect harmony from then onwards and everyone lived happily ever after!!!

The end!

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