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Earth Day

Hands on a globe

Hallo, today is Earth day, a day in which we all can try do do something green  and help repair the damage we have done to our only life source. So today I stuff myself and I would like to share them with you.

First of all I made a small casket made out of old icecream sticks which I have been collecting for quite a while now (but nowadaya isnt so hard because the weather is becoming really warm). I first made a square structur and then started on wards with the same cycle and then \i even made a lid! Here are a few pics.



I alos have planted a few seeds in pots on my balcony and hopefully they will soon grow. There’s nothin” like a few plants for the environment!!!.Aaaah!!

Also I have collected a few rocks and started painting them!! 😀  Bright acrylic paints and poster paints work best! Here’s one that’s dried. This activity is just so addicting I think I’m going to make a dozen more. Lady bugs flowers are good ideas.



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