Wavy Blanket

Hello!! Firstly I’d like to sat that I’m very guilty for the lack of posts for the past week but I’m sorry to say that  at least this time I have an excuse 😀  for not posting regularly to my blog because my exams are drawing nearer so I’m using my spare time to revise 😦 Sooooooo I’m afraid that there will be a big lack of posts so expect little crafts this month.

Anyway, today I’m going for illusions a and contrasting colours to make a Wavy Blanket. It’s one of the quickest and simplest craft on my blog!!!

So to  make it first get a white A4 size sheet and draw wavy lines all over it.

Then, draw a cross inside each box. Leave the outer boxes like shown in the picture below……


Then staart colouring in….. Colour the top boxes black and leave the bottom box white. Then choose two somewhat similar colours or the same colours of a different shade and colour in the remaining two boxes. The blanket will be thee most effective if you do it that way.


After that cut out the ” blanket ” and paste it on a contrasting coloured sheet.


Doessn’t it look nice!!! Be sure to try it out!!

For now,

         xxx Nirvana

5 thoughts on “Wavy Blanket

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