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Scratch paintings


This craft is really simple and most of you might already even know how to make this but I like it so much that I have to share this. Okay…..This technique is really really simple  from which you can make awesome pictures by….. well………I better fill you in on the details!!!!

There are three simple steps for making Magic crayon drawings. First of all get a blank white sheet and fill it with random different colours like shown below.The more the colours the nicer the end result will be. Don’t use oil pastels other wise it will smudge with the black and make your painting a disaster… Just use normal wax crayons!!


After that colour the whole sheet with black either by covering it with black crayon or black paint.I used black crayons as they work much better.


Then, using the end of a paintbrush or a ballpoint or something with an edge, start carving whatever you want to draw. I made an undersea picture. I couldn’t get any pictures while I was carving so here is the finished picture….


I got addicted to the technique and I got a whole collection of scratch paintings……It’s worth trying!!!!

Up till then…Bye

Nirvana 😀


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