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Colourful Cracked Effect


I was flipping through the Usborne Book of Art Ideas when my eyes suddenly fell upon this idea! I love this effect….it’s so colourful and interesting and therefore, that is why I am posting this today.

The colourful cracked effect had three simple steps. Unfortuantely, I could not get many photos during the process.anyway, here it is…

1. Mix a lot of colour with you paints so they become very very watery.Then put paint in lots of areas but allow them to mix creating new colours.

2. Before the watery paint dries and is still very wet put a sheet of cling film on top of it.Then move it creating lots of cracks.


3. Peel the cling film off and enjoy your work of art!!!


So Easy! Yet So Effective.Try it out!!


Nirvana 😀


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