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Friendship Bracelets and Friendship Day

I’ve not been posting a lot lately but that’s because i have developed a new hobby…making Friendship bracelets. It is friendship day today so its appropriate to post today!!!

Happy Friendship Day

Once you get the hang of it, it is really easy and it’s also a great way to pass the timeHere are the designs I’ve made so far…..


Don’t they look pretty….i’ve made many more too!!

It would be way too confusing to explain how to make one with pictures and videos will be easier but here are the knots that are always used to make friendship bracelets.

1.  The Forward Knot

To make the forward knot get your first string and make it in shape of a four… like this..

Then, take the purple string and put it through the four loop.Repeat this process twice to make one forward knot!!

2. The backward knot

This knot is basically an opposite of the forward knot.Instead of making a proper four you make a backward four meaning  other way around.

3. Backward – Forward Knot

This knot is one forward four ( put string through loop) and one backward four (put string through loop)!

4. Forward – Backward

This time make a forward four and put string through the loop and THEN a backward four and put it through the loop

If I have confused you ( which I probably have) then please click HERE for a video from which I learned myself!! 😀 The first bracelet tutorial is the Candystripe pattern

Make your best friend a bracelet and wish them a Happy Friendship Day


                – Nirvana


3 thoughts on “Friendship Bracelets and Friendship Day

  1. I LOVE the friendship bracelets 🙂 You seem to have a real knack for making these! Thanks for stopping by at my blog – I’m enjoying yours as well. After seeing all these lovely bracelets you have tempted me to check out a few tutorials and learn to make these myself. ♥


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