Wow! I got the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ !!!!

Today has been an awesome day for me……….


Because a totally awesome blogger has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!!!

I want to thank dreamspinnerextraordinaire  for this lovely award. Go click the link and check out her blog… You won’t regret it……Promise!!!!


Anyway, these are the rules to make it  really mine

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Add the Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post.

3. Share 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate a list of bloggers that inspire you.

5. Include this set of rules.

6. Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs.

Each award requires seven facts about me……so here we go again!!! ( 😀 )

  1. Apart from me being a Potterhead and a Percy fan, I’ve watched something new…The Last Airbender!!! I’ve seriously gone crazy over the series, what from Katara’s dress and Toph’s blind jokes. I still cherish a hope that I’m a waterbender and that someday I will waterbend. If you haven’t watched the series then go ahead and watch them ( the cartoons are better though) 😀 I know, I’ve gone crazy about them!!!
  2. Ever since I’ve read Harriet the Spy ( which was as soon as i had learnt to read books…) I’ve  wanted to be a spy. There is this secret glade in our garden, just behind a tree… one would guess that it is PSAT ( Personal secret Agent Team) HQ. I don’t know what I find so catchy about it Also the gadgets in Spy Kids are so cool.
  3.  I once had three chicks…..They were the cutest things alive. Whenever we said ” Come, Come” they would come rushing to us.. I think that they have made a record of most kilometers traveled… because they went with us from Islamabad to Lahore and then Lahore to Multan. Not to mention the numerous trips they accompanied us with to our cousins houses (which were pretty far)… Oh and then the journey back to Islamabad. I bet that’s a record!!!
  4. I love blogging (no surprises here) 😛
  5. I love cooking……. but only desserts ( ha ha ha)
  6. Listening to music while I write helps me thinks!
  7. I rarely feel like  want to sleep……There so much to do in life and there so many other things I could do rather than sleeping ( LOL).

Okay! Here are a few bloggers that insprire me!




That’s it for today then! 😀


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