The Triplet Awards

Hi guys, sorry for the delay in posts but I’ve been busy, what from the school convocation, our trip to Multan and shifting our house. Anyway, moving on…It’s good to be back the blogging world!!! Recently I got 3 awards but I didn’t have time to post so I hope it still isn’t too late to post  😀

Thankyou so much Nina  for all these lovely awards. You can visit her blog here.


Wow! I think it looks fantabulous!


I’ll definitely try to shine on 😀


This lovely award here has been given to me three times by three inspiring people. It’s littleonionwrites, wordsthatflowlikewater and dreamspinnerextraordinaire. Thank you  so much!!

Seven things about myself…

1. I love being outdoors and discovering new places… like a tall tree with an awesome space for a tree house or a secret glade that looks like nobody has been there for years (well, you get the idea!!)

2.  My favourite sport is badminton.

3.  When I was little, I was made sure not to have a pen in my grasp. Because whenI got it I would doodle everywhere, literally!! On my arms, hands, walls, paper anything that i saw was my next victim!!! 😀 Thankfully now I stick to just paper!!!

4. I’ve just read Eragon by Christopher Paolini and started Eldest. And now all i do is think, read, and breathe dragons! Anyone who has read Eragon will totally know what I mean.

5. After reading an awesome book I kind of…er……..  get obsessed with whatever symbol I find in there, and start drawing it everywhere! Like the sign of the Deathly Hallow after Harry Potter. the gedwey ignasia after Eragon and yin and yang after Mulan! Oh, and not to forget the eye tattoo of Count Olaf in A Series Of Unfortunate Events 😀

6. I don’t know why, but i love making small pretty gifts and giving to others. The ideas of the surprise just seem attractive

7. Is it just me….or am I getting obsessed with putting smileys and exclamation marks everywhere!!! 😀 (See! I couldn’t help it) 😛

Okay! Done with my musings and on to my nominations.


2. Creative Pixie

3. littleonionwrites

4. WinterOwls




And that’s it for now… keep writing……keep crafting!!!!!

xxx   Nirvana    (^_^)

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