Blog Makeover

Hi guys!

If you are at my website, then you might have already noticed the brand new theme! If not, then you are probably reading this on the WordPress Reader. To check out the 2 whole hours or readjusting settings and new looks, please click here. Don’t worry, it’ll open in a new window :D.



By the way, here is one of the saddest moments in my life… If you use another theme, all the settings and widgets disappear. So I when I realize that, I spend ages typing them up again, only to realize all of them are at the bottom waiting in the Inactive Widgets and Other Settings. I could almost cry >.< In fact, I did cry! Hehe! It’s a lesson I learnt the hard way. *sighs* Ah, what can one say about the hardships of life. Anyway, back to the subject…

Eeeek! I’m so excited. I haven’t changed the look of Nirvana’s Pocketful for quite a while now (okay, fine AGES!!) Hope you enjoy the brand new look and the blog makeover.



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