Rants & Hiccups

Today is an extremely important day in my life as it made me realize something.

a) Drinking water does not stop hiccups

b) Nor does something scaring you. Trust me. All my friends tried. The best way is to hold your breath for a looong time. A lesson I learnt too late. XD

c) You starting to hiccup in the middle of a presentation in front of the class is EXTREMELY embarrassing.

d) Spilling Coke has horrible consequences, such as leaving this as a draft for the next two days until you get a new keyboard. But luckily for me, I’ve got an extra keyboard. *high fives the computer*

e) Perhaps my sister is not that annoying and just plain AWESOME. I don’t know why I’m in such a generous mood today. Ah well, what will I say in my defence if she reads this? Nevermind. She is awesome because she is one of the three people in the world who actually i) listens to my book rants I start spewing ii) and she understands them. I have many more reasons but I don’t feel like typing.

P.S I am reading this thirty minutes later and have just realized what an eccentric mood I was in.Half the stuff I wrote are out of the blue and don’t even make sense!

Anyways, see ya later everyone!


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