My Paintings!!!

Nirvana Splat Painting


Finally! I have been trying to get myself to make a personalized painting for AGES!

Unfortunately, even when I did get to making this, it was originally meant to be a sunset picture. *looks  around guiltily*  I sprayed different shades of orange, red and yellow with a toothbrush meaning to make silhouettes of trees on top.

But when my sister knocked over the blue paint, it turned out to be genius! Sincere compliments to my sister if she is reading this! I turned it into a splat  and blow technique painting instead. 🙂


Have a wonderful day,

Nirvana 😀



6 thoughts on “Nirvana Splat Painting

  1. Very fun looking! I remember doing a splatter painting in 5th grade. I think I got more paint on me than the canvas, but that tends to still happen nowadays.


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