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11 Bookmarks I Definitely Wanna Own


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I love books. All my friends and family know it. More than half of the time they will find me with my nose buried in a novel. But a common misconception is people assume that I use bookmarks. Well, here’s the truth. I get a lovely bookmark as a gift, or I buy one, or I make it, but no matter what I never get to use it.  🙂

Because I read a book in a gazillion different places, and always end up leaving it there, and then simply can’t bother to go get it from there and just remember the page number instead.

So in the end, the bookmark remains abandoned. ^.^ Well, confessions aside, here are ten bookmarks I definitely wanna own, and might try my best to use 😀

  1. Origami Bookmarks + Embossed Bookmark… These Origami Bookmarks just show what power a simple piece of paper can hold. origmi-bookmark1
  2. Chinese Doll Bookmarks… The name in itself!  unnamed (1)
  3. The Hershey Bookmark…This is one of the cutest bookmarks I found on the web. Who wouldn’t want their own Hershey’s chocolate bookmark to mark their place while reading? Perhaps if I got this one I will make more of an effort to use bookmarks 🙂p
  4. Heart Page-marker… Cute and awesome. 231442868320115939_4n2FJ8vn_c
  5. Wicked Witch Of The West Bookmark… Especially appropriate if one is reading wizard of Oz! I love this one.unnamed (3)
  6. Beaded Bookmark… The possiblities of beaded bookmarks are endless– ancient style, colourful, name beads, a lucky charm on one end… and the list goes on and on!beaded bookmark 048
  7. The Firebolt – Harry Potter… Need I explain more? unnamed
  8. Sunflower Page-marker… Very simple to make. Just use any of the pretty sequins/buttons/ornament on your hairpin and stick it to a paperclip. Voila’ P1070011
  9. The Origami Flower… Sort of a variation of the heart page-marker, but much prettier 😀 It’s made using an origami technique, and the six petals of the flower were separately made and then put together. 13
  10. Crepe Paper Style Bookmarks … A popular art technique, is to cut out vague shapes of what you are making out of crepe paper and paste them onto paper. Then draw on the finer details with a thin pen. The picture below also gives good collage ideas.unnamed (2)
  11. Friendship Bracelet… Yes, yes, I know that these are usually worn on your wrist, but they are perfectly bookmark sized, and are pretty and perfectly as legible as bracelets and bookmarks. For my previous post on Friendship bracelets, click herefb


27 thoughts on “11 Bookmarks I Definitely Wanna Own

  1. I would be afraid to use them. I couldn’t live with myself if I accidentally damaged one of the bookmarks because they are so beautiful. The Origami book marks are art in their own right. Also the Hersey bar would just make me hungry half the time.


    • Haha! Same here- either I’m too afraid or I’m too lazy. I think I would get a real Hershey’s bar instead… no point in tantalizing yourself. Lolz! 🙂


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