Five evil, evil people who have taken over my life. XD



And why I’d like to meet them ;D One more thing before I start…



1. Veronica Roth… *WARNING: Divergent spoilers ahead*


I would like to have a word with this phenomenal and amazing woman for quite a few reasons. First to get a signed copy of Divergent and tell here just how awesome she is. And then to make her realize how she gave thousands of her fans heartbreak by simply typing a few words on her keyboard.

She killed off EVERY single one of my favourite characters. I mean what kind of writer kills off the main character? And Uriah as well – he was one of my favourites. I positively DIED while reading Allegiant. 

Thank god Christina survived the wrath of Veronica Roth!

2. John Green…

Oh come on. Do I really need to give reasons for this one? Here is another phenomenal being: one of the famous Vlog brothers and author of TFioS.

Evan my friend, who was well known in our school for never crying, said that she cried while reading The Fault in our Stars. I mean, wow. I never fail to marvel at the power of books. I’d really love to meet this guy someday.

3. Suzanne Collins…


Author to one of the best dystopian books in the world – The Hunger Games Trilogy AND the Underland Chronicles she is one of my all time favorite authors.

Why I want to meet her, is to ask her how she writes so amazingly. And how she comes up with such awesome names. You only need to look at the names Katniss Everdeen and Plutarch Heavensbee, and Haymitch, and Effie Trinket ( please stop me or I’ll name all the characters in the books soon) to justify that.

Oh, and find out how she is in real life.:D



4. Rick Riordan…


Haha…so true XD

Why I would like to meet this charming gentleman, is to insure that he does not kill Leo Valdaz – the best demigod in the prophecy of seven (apart from Percy & Annabeth & Hazel!)

I’ve been researching, and what I’m afraid of most is the prophecy line ‘To storm or fire the world must fall’

At first I couldn’t believe that anyone could kill one of the main character… but well, after Veronica Roth, I’m not quite as sure 😦

5. J.K Rowling


And then of course, comes J.K Rowling. Those who know me, knew that she was being added to this list in a matter of time XD

How could anyone NOT want to meet her? (no offence to the non-potterheads out there) She is the prodigy, the master mind, the virtuoso, the wunderkind behind Harry and Voldemort, plotting their every move. (And yes, I am one for dramatics :D)


And so there, folks, is my list for the people who I dream about meeting in every reading moment.

Lots of love (I believe that Lol stands for lots of love),


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