Top Ten Tuesday- Top Movies & TV Series


Before I get started, do let me know what you guys think of the ‘new look’ on my blog, aka theme change? ;D

As most of you already know, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature run by the blog Broke And The Bookish. After watching around almost everyone in the blogosphere do it, I decided to join as well! Anyway so this week’s theme is Top Ten Movies and TV Series.

  1. Sherlock – Everything about this series is just so amazing. When Sherlock is showing off, when John is getting really irritated, and Molly’s little habits. I only got exposed to the awesomeness of this series recently, but when I did I devoured each episode and was done with them in a week. I can’t believe we still have to wait an entire year for the next season. 
  2. Austin & Ally- I found about these from a friend, and I love it! It’s so funny and addicting to watch. Especially Dez. I dare you not to enjoy this series, and you will find that virtually impossible. 
  3. Docter Who –  A wonderful show, though I hated the first season. 
  4. Avatar- By now all of you probably know about my fandom for Avatar. So no need to provide reasons for this one. And thanks to this series, I have become addicted to animes. Funny, serious and just so awesome all at once, I would recommend this to all – even adults! 
  5. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time- Yes, I know. Another amazing anime. A lovely and heart touching movie about time travel. I cried so much while watching this. 
  6. All Harry Potter movies (minus the Deathly Hallows and Half Blood Prince) – I’d say that the Harry Potter movies were one of the best book to movie adaptations in YA literature. I mean, you need to take a look at Percy Jackson movies to confirm that. Except the last two book’s movies, these are the series that I grew up with and learnt to love. 
  7. The Hunger Games- The book was better, but I loved the movie as well. 
  8. Frozen- Aww, come on… Who doesn’t like this cute and incredibly sweet movie? 
  9. Matilda- This is more of a childhood thing. I was around five when I watched this, and immediately fell in love with the movie. So when I’m glum, all I do is watch it, and brings back childhood memories and laughs. It’s a really sweet movie that’s worth watching. But my DVD has cracked by now though, unfortunately 😀 
  10. Coraline- I recently watched the movie, and the read the book and found it not so good as the movie. I love the way they made it, with all the little details and different from  other animated movies. It was creepy and splendid at the same time. 

And that’s all folks, for my Top Ten Tuesday! Till then…




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