Happy Birthday, My Dear…Blog! ☺

Oh yeah! Today is the day! THE special day! It’s the day my own little blog turns a year older! Happy Birthday, then, Nirvana’s Pocketful. You are now officially two years old! *cue trumpet procession* 🙂

Okay, I was feeling a little giddy with happiness, which may have led me to write that slightly eccentric rant up above! But yes, today is the day my blog turns a year older.

I can’t believe it’s been two years already. It only seems I started it yesterday, and now look at it! This post is also to thank all of you! You guys are seriously awesome ^.^ Your comments make my day and make me smile 😀 Each time I get a notification for a new follow, I jump up in the air.

Yep, I still do that. 😛 This is also to notify that my blog now has ‘250 FOLLOWERS’

A big hooray for that as well! So this post is to thank you all for support, your wonderful comments, and just generally being so darn awesome. Some of you have stuck through from the very start. I remember littleonionwrites, and Jeyna Grace becoming one of my first followers. ♥

This post was very scattered and not all organized, but I had to share my happiness. Have a wonderful day, my fellow bloggers! 



24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, My Dear…Blog! ☺

  1. Congratulations for your blogiversary!!! happy dance I love your blog and it’s always exciting to see a new post from you 😀 And congrats on 250 followers–that’s huge! I can’t wait to see more from your blog ^.^


    • Thankyou! Will do!
      Wait…I just noticed I’ve been putting exclamation marks in each of my comments without fail. I am quite exclamation mark obsessed 🙂
      Anyway, thanks for the comment!


  2. Congratulations and happy birthday!! This is a wonderful achievement for you and I look forward to seeing more of what you have in store for your blog 🙂 Best wishes!


    • Yay! With your blog’s birthday and your own birthday in the same month makes everything more special. I just had my own birthday two weeks ago! 😀
      Thanks ^.^


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