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You know you are a blogger when…

  1. When you find yourself checking your notification every other hour and then when somebody follows your blog or comments, you look something like this…happy animated GIF
  2. Even when you are out on a holiday and taking a break, when you find something remotely cute and interesting and think ‘I simply have to blog about this’  and find yourself sharing your new laptop, complaining how the world is so unfair, and how the last book you read was just so darn awesome. 
  3. When your family members are fed up with you for the right reasons. Possibly for exclaiming 10 times a day ‘Aww…What a nice comment’ or ‘Hey, I got a new follow’ and ‘I simply HAVE to blog about this’ and most probably this ‘Hey sis…Can i have the laptop/computer now. Please, it’s urgent’ 😀 To which she goes… 
  4. When you are fretting over what people will think of your next post and have long debates with yourself whether you should post it or not. 
  5. When you come up with the *bestest post idea ever* at three in the morning and are afraid that you will forget it by morning so you decide to get up there and then and scribble it down, not caring what you will think of your atrocious handwriting while looking at it in the morning. 
  6.  You have an overwhelming list of post ideas (piles and pile) and have no idea where to start!
  7. Or when…When you are running so dry on your latest story ideas that you are forced to look something like this… medium_writers_write_memes11
  8. When you have a look at other people blogs and every once in a while feel jealous at their *oh so amazing* theme, the number of comment on their posts or their followers, and then find out that they started blogging so much more recently than you did. XD Apparently, I’m not the only one. But recently I’ve just learned to let it go. So what – I’ll just  work hard and be patient and then just watch things grow 😀
  9. When you realize you had wanted to keep a pen name on your blog, something like Sabrina Grimm but it’s too late because now the world has found out that your actual name is Nirvana, so no one believes your name is Sabrina Grimm. Too late for that now…facepalm animated GIF
  10.  WHEN YOU START A BLOG!!! Muahahahahaha 😀 (Okay, I’ll stop now. Evil laughs are so tempting)

So, how do you guys know when you are a blogger? What are your quirks and obsessions?

Seeya later, alligators…



30 thoughts on “You know you are a blogger when…

  1. I was really feeling low, and doing all majority of things you have mentioned above.. That’s when I saw your blog and now I am hermione granger clapping …. Just a little change from my mood, I started my blog only few days back!!! “oh ,this post is so amazing ” 🙂


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    • Le sigh! The sorrows of a blogger 😀 It’s too late for both of us to come up with a great pen name 😦 The world knows us as Becky and Nirvana now. I think we all have been guilty of number five at some point! The wince when we look at our post ideas in the morning is etched in my mind forever =D


  3. This post was really funny. My favorite and most personally-pertinent points were 1 (particularly since the GIF is from Peter Pan, one of my favorite movies), 8 (maybe because I can have a jealous side), and 2 (in a way, or at least many of my random thoughts become possible blog topics).


    • Yay! I made someone smile (or even laugh) 😀 My personal favourites are 1 and 8 as well. I think that the best blogging ideas come from our most random thoughts! 😀
      Or at least that’s what goes for me!


  4. I’m guilty of a lot of these. Especially the checking-notifications-every-hour one. And the blogger envy one. ^^’
    This is super funny! My family probably think I’ve gone even more crazy, chuckling quietly away to myself in the corner.


    • Posting this post on my blog was probably the best thing I’ve ever done! Why? I can finally tell my parents that I’m not a lunatic 😀 THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE LIE THIS OUT THERE! YAY AND HOORAY ❤ ❤ ❤
      Lol, thankyou 🙂 Reading as many blogs and books (the two bff's of my life) as I I do that as well ALOT!


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