Another two awards bestowed upon my bloggy self…

After looking at the title of this post you may go ‘Oh no, not again Nirvana? You just had one last week!’ O.o To which I will go…

and also…

smile animated GIF


Okay. Sorry. I’ll stop now, becuase I can see you are giving me an exasperated look. But yes, Shayne @ Feels Like Fiction and Megan @ Invisible World have both given me the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Thankyou so much 🙂 These hugs are for both of you ❤ ❤

This award has been going around the blogosphere, and most of the blogs I absolutely LOVE have already been nominated, which is quite sad 😦 Anywho…




1. Display the Very Inspiring Blogger Award logo on your blog, and link to the blog you got nominated from.
2. Nominate fifteen bloggers you admire, by linking to their blogs and informing them about it.


Fifteen bloggers is a bit hefty, so I’ll just do seven or eight of the very best 😀

◘ InkOutLoud – This blog is one of my all-time favourites. Melanie writes amazing posts that make me think, make me laugh, and is just darn outright awesome. If you have not visited this blog, then you are being deplored of a fairly big amount of the blogosphere’s posts and should do so right now before Nirvana gives you *the look*

◘ Wordy and Nerdy– Might I say how I love the title of each and very single one of her posts which have hooked on first sight. 😛 She is an artist, a musician and is an expert on sarcasm, for which I should give her an enthusiastic high-five!

◘ Books and Bark – First of all, I just LOVE her own personal banners, badges and themes. On her blog are the thoughts of a book and dog lover – and a writer! Her posts are amusing and fun to read, so go check her out!

◘ The Inky Tavern– Nuffing said, Desiree is another blogger that all of you should check out 😀 She posts though provoking things about writing, books and other awesome stuff ♥

◘ Winter Owls– With owlish crafts and anything to whim your crafty misdemeanors, WinterOwls shares art, photography, tutorials and other good things to raid 😛

◘ The Loony Teen Writer A teen, reader, writer, blogger and in her opinion a little loony- sign me up!

◘ chasingtheturtle For any of us who read or write stories, chasing the turtle shares pictures and memes which make me go ‘you read my mind’ or ‘Lolz, I DO THAT AS WELL’ and most of the time giggle with amusement.

Whew! Thankyou again, Shayne and Megan ❤ You guys are amazing!

Note to readers: A Percy Jackson themed post coming up next time, so keep your eyes peeled. 😀







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