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Tablets and Donuts

WARNING: I may exploit – er, okay over exploit – the invention of the useful :D. For example, 😀 😀 😀

A very random title for a post, right? But I can’t live without telling you all this.


I did.

OMG, I am a very happy human being indeed. Very, very happy, to the point of me prancing around this bedroom grinning.


About time I should have got one. I’ll be putting my music into it asap. And I got a gorgeous case for it. Isn’t it beeyooteeful? Sorry for the picture’s bad quality though :D. The sparkle and the designs etched onto the case didn’t quite show up 😦

It’s a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – It’s only been released last month so I feel even more happy. Anyway, here’s to months of blogging on my Tab, as well as my PC now. 😀 I gave it it’s own ceremonial place where I can admire it at all angles only have to get new earphones now.

Now onto my other half of the post, which as you may have guessed, is donuts. I had a hand into trying to make them at home, and they turned out to be quite scrumptious. Me and my sister walloped them off before anyone could say please 😀 And don’t even get me started on the chocolate…

I would share the recipe with y’all, except it’s a kind of mish-mash of two different recipes which I combined into one. It worked, surprisingly. Looks could have been better but tastes om-nom good, Next time, I’ll have a little more faith in myself XD Here they are, oozing dark chocolate (There is no such thing as too much chocolate, right?) :

2014-08-03 20.08.02


It’s a very short post, *looks away guiltily* but if I’m honest I couldn’t have gone without posting this rant.

Feeling very happy indeed,




9 thoughts on “Tablets and Donuts

    • Aww, thanks! ❤ Yes, it is exciting. I can't seem to keep me hands off the Tab.
      Have a donut. I hadnt had one in a while either, but baking them refurbished(?) my love 😛 They are tasty and awesome.


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  2. I love donuts! Those look really good 😀 I love chocolate cake donuts. My favorite of them all is apple fritters. I’ve never tried to make them actually, but I love eating them, lol. Awesome you got your new tablet ^^


    • Thanks! I actually have never heard of chocolate cake donuts, but they sound so good ♥ You should try and make them. I though my attempt would end up as a complete disaster, but surprise, surprise I’m so excited as well 😀


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