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You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but you can by it’s chapters


We’re all guilty of it. Don’t tell that the last time you went to the bookstore, you didn’t see the book with that gorgeous cover…suddenly you couldn’t live if you didn’t own it…Ka-Ching!

Yes, next thing you know your purse was empty and the book was bought. Then spent the next few minutes admiring it! I do it it as well, along with checking the blurb. But there is also another addition to my book-buying ritual, and that is the chapter names. Some authors just have an amazing knack for giving chapter names that force you to keep reading and not stop. I had a game while reading Harry Potter to guess what would happen in the chapter just by looking at the chapter names. I dare you not to Google what No.7 means. 🙂 No – Actually do! Then you sill realize what a strange chapter name it is 😀

Okay, enough with the rambling and let’s get on with the real stuff. P.S I made the chapter images myself!*salutes proudly* and spent a good amount of time making them!

Untitled design

Here is a compilation of the top 10 best chapter names…

1. Ooooh, eerily attracting…

The Collector of Hands


2.  Who wouldn’t be intrigued by this one? Rick Riordan has an amazing knack for coming up with great chapter titles 😀 Boy, how I would love to meet him!

Add text


3. Lolz 😀 One of my most favourite chapters in the series! I’m rereading it right now on my tattered copy of the Deathly Hallows.

The Ghoul (1)

4.  What a beautiful title! Though my image doesn’t really do it justice 😦roun


5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Rick never fails ^-^ Whoever had read kane Chronicles will know why I giggle when someone says Dwarf Pride Speedos

I Consult the Pigeon on War (1)


6. Not the type of guillotine that comes to your mind in medieval France. This book gives a different spin to a guillotines, severing your soul instead of your head.

The Silver Guillotine


7.  What a weird name for a chapter! Really…

Boneshaker8. No words this time. I’ll let the picture do the talking. A chappie name in Magyk ^^

Boy No.350 Boy No.351 Boy No.352 Boy No.


9. For someone who hasn’t read the books (though I really don’t know someone who hasn’t :D), this chapter would be a little queer. I mean, what’s so hard in just living? This chapter brings backs old memories…The first chapter to the first book which brought me to this wonderful world!bg



Dance Macabre_00056


Well, that was fun! Do you guys know of any great chapter titles? Do you judge chapter titles, or are numbers the new chapter titles for you? Let me know your bookish quirks and habits in the comments! I would love to hear them! *bats her eyelashes innocently* Please?

‘Till next post my fellow booklings, Untitled


19 thoughts on “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but you can by it’s chapters

  1. I have to admit that sometimes I get so engrossed in a story that I don’t even notice the chapter title (I know, I know, shame on me). I’ve just never read a book by chapters because I’m too enthralled to stop reading when I get to the end of a chapter. I keep reading until something interrupts me and I have to stop or until I finish the book. Maybe I would notice them if they had cool pictures to go with them. 🙂

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    • Same here! Some books just do that right?
      It’s only been recently that I actually started noticing the names of chapter. They seemed like a non-existent part of the book once I’m actually sucked into their world. Maybe it’s a reading slump? 😀 Anywho, I do know a few books which just have the most amazing sketches to go with chapter titles. But if I was to choose from numbers or chapter titles, I’d pick the latter. It builds suspense 😛


  2. Hmmm, I must say I do love the titles of the Harry Potter Series! Although I was so excited to be reading Book 5, I didn’t notice it was called, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” until after I’d finished it. All along, I’d thought it had been called, “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.” 😛 I was just so excited to finally be reading it! 😀

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    • Really 😛
      I actually did the same with ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ By then I just had all seven books and the minute I finished one, I took a deep breath and then started the next. I think I must must have finished the series maybe a something more than a week! 😀
      I love the all the titles of the Harry Potter series as well. They’re all pretty awesome ^^


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  4. This is really interesting. Most books I read don’t have chapter titles, but some do. I’m horrible at coming up with names, so I tend to just use numerals to denote the chapters. Might try doing this when I write another novel. I think “Boy No. 412,” caught my attention the most. Definitely piques my interest! And book smell is important to me. I must look like a crazy person in the bookstore sniffing the books XD I love the smell 8D Well, I don’t like the smell of mass market paperbacks, but the other ones are divine!

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    • I’m horrible at coming up with names too, which is partly why I marvel at the author’s ability to come up with them ^^ I think that Boy No 412 is my fave as well! Wait – hang on a minute. You say that you smell books.
      Yes! YES! It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only person ever who goes around bookshops sniffing books while people ask each other what’s wrong with her! It’s wierd, but they just smell so good 😀 I also think that book smell is an important to me as a reader.
      And I agree, the mass market paperbacks, not so much! The Hunger Games also has pretty awesome part names, you know like the spark, the quell and so on.
      Have you also noticed that each book has a unique smell?
      Gaah, what a long comment 😀


      • Glad to know I’m not the only one that loves the smell of books 😛 Yes, they all have a unique smell, except for the mass market paperbacks which all smell pretty much the same, lol. I bought the Hunger Games, but never got around to reading it XD I’ve seen the movies though 🙂 Just not enough time in a day to read everything, lol.

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      • Same here 8D You should really start the hunger games. Very good books that you are missing out on now 😀 though I think you might like them a little less since you have already watched the movie. Dystopian books are my favourites! ^.^
        There should be more time in a day, it passes so fast like it’s just slipping out of my fingertips!


  5. I love the pictures that you made! I have to confess that I easily forget chapter names because I’m usually too busy reading the actual chapters to stop and really contemplate the name. That said, even though I don’t really pay that much attention to chapter names, I like it better when chapters are named rather than numbered. Numbered chapters are so boring. If you stop and glance at the next chapter and all you see is a number, you might not want to read that chapter as much as if it had an intriguing name.


    • Thankyou! grins Here’s what I do…i’m lost in the world of a book, the chapter ends on a cliffhanger, and some very important job is waiting for me. I painfully tear myself away from the book, and then have a look at the chapter name and cheat by reading the first paragraph. And then the entire day my head keeps on whirling on what the chapter may be about! 😀
      I got the idea for this post while going on one of my bestest (yes, I made that word up) reading streaks. I came across SO MANY awesome chapter names, which I forgot when I got to the task of writing the post. I had to do some book digging after wards 🙂

      I agree. I also find numbered chapters to be very boring – though I don’t think that it effects a reading even THAT much. I still would want to that chapter if cliffhangers are placed cleverly. Suzanne Collins and Rick Riordan seem to have a good knack for that.


  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! 😀 I love your avatar!!! I agree that chapter titles tell a whole lot about what a book is about! Also, high five fellow Potterhead!

    One approach to naming chapters that caught me off guard was George R.R. Martin’s way of naming chapters after the characters whose P.O.V. you are reading from (in A Song of Ice and Fire). Without spoiling anything, the chapter titles change from names to “titles” later on in the books. (Example I just made up, naming the chapter “The blogger” instead of “Nirvana”)This isn’t explained by George, but some fans see it as the characters becoming more legendary (and less of an individual) as the series continues. Pretty cool stuff.


    • Your welcome! And thanks! 😛 It was a lot of fun. Yes, don’t they? And they are a whole lot of fun too! *high fives back *
      Are you a Demigod and Tribute as well? Just asking.
      That method to name chapters seems pretty cool. I haven’t read ‘A song of Ice and Fire’ yet but I plan to do so. I think it does, in a way. But then again, since I haven’t read the series I may be wrong. I’ll properly judge once i’ve read 😀


  7. I loved this! And boy are those chapter images amazing! I know you spent a lot of time on them because it really shows. Now, time to whip out my Harry Potter books which I haven’t read in years because I’m pretty sure I read about a ghoul in pyjamas, I just can’t remember for the life of me what the chapter was about 😀 😀 😀 I know! Blasphemy!


    • Ah, thankyou! And thankyou for commenting ☺
      Yay, you liked my images. grins You should reread the books. It will bring out a lot of old fond memories and you’ll enjoy it mor than you expect 😀 The Ghoul in Pyjamas is when they enchant the ghoul in Ron’s attic to look like him and pretend he has Spattergroit so that no one inquires from the Ministry of Magic. Though this is a guess as well – it’s been a while since I reread the books as well 😛
      Haha, lolz 😀

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