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GINORMOUS Book Haul + Loony Blurbs

FEELING GIDDY FROM BOOKS IS THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD! AND GUESS WHAT? I walked into a book store yesterday and got over 30 BOOKS!

[Ignore the shouting above. I get drunk on books like that πŸ˜› ]

But just. EEK, I’m so happy ❀

Now time to share my whopping book haul which consists of over 30 books (BOOKS! Did I mention the books? XD ) I think I spent over what would be your equivalent of over 36 pounds. I’m unfortunately broke now…


First of all, we have…. Blood of Olympus! *drumroll*


And now, for a book overload πŸ˜‰ :






I’m particularly excited for Cry of the Icemark, because, well, FANTASY! *dreamy sigh* I’m am ALSO quite excited for The Roman Mysteries, Walk Two Moons, and H.I.V.E and John Green and the Hobbit and…

Oh, never mind πŸ˜‰

So, what are your thoughts on my book haul? Have you had a book haul lately?

loony blurbs 4

This week I have ALSO decided to link up with the awesomeΒ Emily @ The Loony Teen Writer for Loony Blurbs, where you invent a blurb based purely on it’s title. Though mine definitely won’t contend with the hilariousness and sheer genius of Emily’s! Those are in a class of their own πŸ˜‰

Stitching Snow by R. C. Lewis

stitching snowAlexandra is famous all over the kingdom for her sewing skills. Most people wear robes of silk, or satin.

Not in Paltounia. Here the nobles wear robes of snow.Β And only Alexandra and stitch the fickle powdery substance.

People thought that a place with nothing but icy wastelands won’t be able to survive. But they did. But now a boy, travelling from ancient lands is here with The Sun, whatever that may be. And The Sun threaten to meltΒ Paltounia and drown all the people in it. And their clothes, to her very own horror.

And it is up to Alexandra to save the kingdom (and save herself from some views she would not want to see). Will life ever be the same for her again? Can she be more than the girl who could stitch snow?

The Secret Hum of a Daisy by Tracy Holczer

the secret hum of a daisyTracy the Daisy is fed up of rules in general.

Why should she listen to the Council of Fickle Flowers anyway? Ever since Tracy found out that daisies have the secret power of humming to control humans, she is itching to use her new found power. And being the last daisy on planet Earth, there is no one to stop her!

Throwing all caution aside, she escapes from the Meadow of Flora to revolutionize the world as we know it. But, there is one problem. She may be able to control the humans, but will they accept their new queen to be a daisy?

Read this thrilling debut novel to find out…

Midnight Thief by Livia Blackburne

midnight thiefAll of Blackburne’s friends are Morning, Noon, and Evening Thieves. So why did he have to be that unfortunate so as to end up as a Midnight Thief?

Everyone knows that Midnight Thieves are low-class untalented cowards. Why else would they choose the middle of the night to steal valuables? True talent lies in stealing things so skillfully right in front of the humans and they still don’t notice, in front of their very own noses…

Join Blackburne as he tries to find out where his true talent lies and become the first respected and revered Midnight Thief. But as he soon finds out, Midnight Thieves aren’t all what they seem…

Stop in the Name of Pants! by Louise Rennison

stop in the name of pantsGeorgia never really was elegant.

So nobody is surprised when she ends up in a bull racing ring, who knows how that happened. But to make things worse, she couldnt have thought of something better to yell other than “Stop in the name of PANTS!” as she was about to be trampled to her death by an angry bull.

And of course the event spreads like wildfire.

And Georgia is mortified. She vows never to show her face Β  Β  again. But that’s when she meets someone even more clumsy and awkward than herself. And suddenly, her life isn’t that bad anymore.

Β Yes, blogglings, the blurbs were quite ridiculous! But it isn’t called Loony Blurbs for nothing…

And now, I’m off to get me some books to read (and chocolate)! Until then,



23 thoughts on “GINORMOUS Book Haul + Loony Blurbs

  1. Nice haul. I’m curious about your copy of ‘The Hobbit’. What edition is that? My parents have beaten up copies of Lord of the Rings from the 60’s or 70’s, which has the same cover style as your copy. They were from the time of the ‘Frodo Lives!’ counterculture fad.


    • I think it’s the same one! It’s written on the dust jacket that it was a reproduction of of Tolkien’s own design for the first edition, except that the original was in blue, green, and black. The dragon and the sun were supposed to be in red, but the idea was dropped because of the cost.
      This cover fulfills J.R.R Tolkien’s wish.


  2. WOW. Β£36 would only buy me 5 books…not including the hardbacks which would be Β£14. (Seriously, I’m a terrible demigod. I haven’t read BoO yet.)
    HIVE is funny. Kind of like Artemis Fowl.



    • Heehee! Under normal circumstances, the same would go for me.
      But I was visiting another city, and my friend gets SO hyper whenever she talked about the book shop and said it was awesome, so I just HAD to go! ( I actually had to beg my parents for 6 months for this trip ^-^ They weren’t even considering to go XD)

      But Readings really was amazing. There were rows and rows and rows of shelves, and these little carts to drag your books in and the books were So. Cheap. starry eyes
      (Blood of Olympus wasn’t though πŸ˜€ ‘course not!)

      Ooh! I love Artemis Fowl. I’ll definitely move it up my TBR in that case! And THANKYOU! ❀

      stops talking and rambling about herself


      Haha, thanks! I particularly enjoyed making that one up. Though the Secret Hum of a Daisy doesn’t make ANY sense! It’s crazy shakes head I looked up the actually blurb, and burst into fits of giggles at mine
      And thanks! I’m so excited to read them! jumps up and down


  3. I haven’t had a major book haul shopping trip in a really looooooooong time. I buy a book from time to time but nothing major like 30 books?? HAHAHA You go girl πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHA THANKYOU! Walking into a book shop and getting thirty books is phenomenal and the best feelig the world! Really, I haven’t had a book haul like this in AGES. ^-^


  4. There was meant to be a comment by Draco here but it appears he died of book overload. I, Innocent Bystander Number Four, have taken up the mantle of typing this for him. At least he died doing what he loved; Pretending to die on the internet after reading a sentence in a really great blog post that mentions something one could presumably die from.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOOOL πŸ˜› Nirvana is worried that one of her blog posts has induced a death on the Internet, but she is ecstatic that Innocent Bystander Number Four took the honour of commenting on her post XD


  5. I always try to not buy so many books that I can’t carry them. (Riding my bike to the used bookstore wasn’t as good of an idea as I originally thought)

    I have been behaving myself lately when it comes to buying books. (ebooks don’t count) Mostly because of Christmas. I have that same version of the Hobbit! One of these years I really need to read Lord of the Rings. I always stop after the Hobbit.

    lol I like your literal book descriptions! πŸ™‚


    • Haha, when I go to the library I feel like I need a book wheelbarrow like Matilda had. Not only because I’d take as many books as the limit would go, but because the librarian knows me so well that she’d let me take as many extra books as I liked. Those were good times ^-^

      That’s so cool! i searched everywhere for that hardback version of The Hobbit but they just didn’t seem to have it anywhere, so it’s always great to find someone who owns the same version! LOL, I NEED TO TOO. No matter how hard I try I can’t seem to start LotR

      Thanks! πŸ˜€


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