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You are what you read, so does that make me a puppy?



Don’t tell me you’ve never heard that before. In fact, you’ll be blessed with unnatural luck if you’ve managed to escape it entirely. Me – I’ve grown up hearing this phrase. Internet, teachers, parents; you name it.

Only now did I actually think it over, and realize how much this irks me in so many different ways. It mildly annoys me.

So, in this post I’ll list the three ways the phrase has managed to make me want to fling butter scones at the person who utters it.

1. I become irrational things, like bananas and puppies.

Er, I am what I read, I get that – but what is the last book I read was something like this:**


Doesn’t make sense, right?

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t exactly mind being a puppy. They’re adorbs.  I’m sure I would make a very fascinating banana though, I can assure you that much.

** Don’t make that face xD I haven’t read anything remotely close to these books for over a decade. Thankfully.

This phrase is an outrage! A scandal! A disgrace! It doesn’t even make sense…

2. I pay for the mistakes of other authors

Okay, another reason why I don’t like “You are what you read”

What if the books I read were absolutely terrible? What if I didn’t like the book I read? So now I have to pay for reading a book I didn’t even enjoy. Huh.

I am metaphorically forced to become a book I didn’t like, which technically wasn’t even my fault – in the end it was the author who was responsible for the existance of so and so dislike-able character.

3. False hope

Fine, so let’s just say maybe the phrase is referring to the books you love, the books that have remained in your heart so long that they’ve become a part of you. But even in that aspect, it’s still inaccurate.

But worse…it gives you false hope!

Unenlightened soul: You are what you read.

Me: Ha! I’ve read Harry Potter over and over 35281767.98 times, and I still haven’t gotten my letter yet! I’ve read the Hermione bits again and again and am I a witch yet? Nope.

Can you imagine how damaging this can be for young magical wannabes?

What say you, blogglings? Is there any phrase that particularly irks you? Currently, I’m reading Crown of Midnight. And omg, I’m so glad I decided to start reading the Throne of Glass series :3


17 thoughts on “You are what you read, so does that make me a puppy?

  1. THRONE OF GLASS. Yes. I am so happy you are reading it! 🙂

    If I am what I read, then by now I would surely be a kick-ass, confident, witty person, and nothing could be further from the truth. (I’m more like Cath from Fangirl.)
    I’ve found that it’s more like: you write what you read. I guess that’s because I write the kind of things that I’d like to read? shrugs

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    • DARN IT WHY IS IT SO AWESOME? Loving it ❤

      Haha same. In fact, I'd be a knife-wielding assassin too hintcoughhint Definitely agree with you there – because in the end we end up writing what we like most of all in books. Something like sarcasm, lol, which seems to pop up everywhere.

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    • There would have to be a looooot of book censoring if we were what we read. I mean, what if the main character was a conflicted villain or something who killed his own family (<– lol wow. I really need to stop being morbid xD )
      I imagine life as a banana would be somewhat…difficult to adjust to. Yeah XD

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  2. THRONE OF GLASS SERIES IS AMAZING AND I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE HOOKED!! Trust me, it just gets better and better with every book. XD I think CoM is my favourite but The Assassin’s Blade is wicked on the feels.
    I am very glad I’m not what I read. That would be awkward. HEH. And I frequently read books about puppies and weird animals to my preschooler nephew/niece so YES I’m glad I’m not an awkward Cat in the Hat or something. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    • SERIOUSLY, I AM NOT REGRETTING STARTING THESE BOOKS. Loving every moment of it XD And omg, Sarah J. Maas’s writing just gets so cool when Celeana goes killer-mode just afsgdf’;
      Hehe, agreed there. I suspect I’ll be doing a lot of picture book reading once my li’l sis gets a teeny bit older. At least, when someone asks me what I’m grateful for, I can say I’m not what I read!


    • Hehe, you are what you eat doesn’t make much sense either. If I was what I eat, I guess I would be spaghetti bolognese and chocolate and cake and all sort of things. Probably in someone stomach haha XD

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    • Hehe, good to know 😉 Yeah, if we’re not interpreting its meaning lterally, it is true in some way. We all end up writing what we love reading the most. It’s an interesting insight!


  3. Hmm… interesting post. I’ve heard the phrase before, but I always just took it to mean that what you choose to read shows who you are in some ways.


    • I guess so. The books we choose to read, and end up loving them eventually end up in our writing in some way or another, and if they affect us to a great extent (like HP or something) they become a part of us.

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