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Bookish + Blogging Goals for 2015

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Wow. Way to go for sounding clichéd, but time has really flown. Big time. It’s 2015 already? But then again, time flies which we had in abundance this year.

Anyway, let’s see what I want to do this year (there are lists thrown into the deal. Lists, people, LISTS! And then of course, actually trying to accomplish it.


1. Give the blog a new name and makeover

I’ve been wanting to get to this one for ageees. I started out as Nirvana’s Pocketful back when I was a craft blogger, eventually letting my love of books take over and dominate the planet – er, blog.

So I want something more bookish themed. And the theme, of course, because I can’t go with the same theme for over six months 😛

2. Win NaNoWriMo

We all remember how well NaNoWriMo worked out this year when exams were thrown into the deal. But this time, I’m determined. I’ll do it, just you see.

3.  Write an entire post in satire

Sarcasm? YES. An entire post that way?

4. Comment on more blogs

There are so many wonderful blogs out there, just a click away, and I want to widen my commenting circle. All of you are awesome. *huddles in for group hug*

5.  Do this:

I’d definitely like to give that a try. Maybe it’ll make me loosen up my shell, and make me step out of fantasy and YA XD Plus it looks fantastic.

6. Read 120 books in 2015

Let’s do this.


7. Come up with some sort of schedule

Har. Har. I suck at  having any schedule. Some people schedule posts weeks in advance. I type one on the go. Some people have specified week days for different kinds of posts. Don’t look at me.

Clearly I do.

8. Finish a readable novel

I really need to stop jumping from draft to draft, and opening a new Word page each time I have a new idea. Instead I should sit down. Focus. And finish that one book. And edit it. Make it readable. And then, of course, force y’all to read it XD

9. Tackle my TBR

At least I know where to start.

But as long as I, y’know, stop adding new books to my TBR each time something catches my eye, starting new series, and going on huge book raids every time I step inside a bookshop, I should be good to go.

Because I can totally do all that. Of course I can. Have faith, my minions.

10. Join some more social media

A loot of bloggers are on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest. I have checked one out – Goodreads. My advice if you haven’t joined: GO JOIN. IT’S AWESOME. Maybe I should join at least one more social platform? It’ll be too much of a hassle though.

But worth trying, right?

I suppose posting on a Wednesday defeats the point of having a Top Ten Tuesday. Oops. So, what are your goals for 2015? Happy new year guys. May the odds be ever in your favour :’)

20 thoughts on “Bookish + Blogging Goals for 2015

  1. Yay! Group hug!
    I don’t have a schedule ether, but sometimes I write posts in advance if I know I’m going to be busy. I want to finish a novel, too. (Ha. Not sure if that’s going to happen.) 🙂

    I am also looking forward to that post in satire, y’know. Really looking forward to this!


  2. I’m looking forward to the makeover (love them, it’s always fun looking at new looks), I’ll try to participate in the 2015 reading challenge picture thing (it looks awesome) – YES GOODREADS IS FREAKING COOL.


    • I’ve been into designing lately so let’s see how that works out. EXCITED THOUGH. I’ll keep my fingers crossed 😉
      Awesome! Great to know you’re giving it a try too.
      And YASS #goodreadsforlife XD

      Liked by 1 person

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