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Wherein I talk about New Years & why 2014 was Fabulous…

to end all parties (1)

Happy New Year, folks.

I can say with utmost confidence, that 2014 was – dare I say it – a fabulous year. And since I’ve seen resolutions and reviews being passed all around the blogosphere, why not join in.

Hello, 2015.

479872 Reasons Why I Loved 2014*

*Number of actual reasons may vary ever so slightly.

  • I met a whole lot of amazing people, the beings on my computer screen and real life who manage to make my life brighter. Hint: If you’re reading this in the first place, you’re awesome. *flings chocolate*
  • I joined a lot of new fandoms, like Avatar, Legend of Korra (you can find one of my ravings here), Sherlock (omg. THAT HIATUS >.<), Death Note etc.
  • Discovered that people have an unhealthy discussion with crafts from ice-cream sticks. Gods, I get over 11 search terms about ice cream sticks EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Now I don’t even know whether to be annoyed or to be amused.
  • Discovered that I have a knack for baking chocolate cakes and proceeded to stuff myself with cake. #noregrets. Cake is good.

    Gahh. I had to use this somewhere, didn’t I?

  • Discovered the food for life: gifs. And then, of course, used them in posts.What else?
  • Read some even more awesome series: TMI, Lunar Chronicles, Lemony Snicket, Divergent, Sisters Grimm….And it goes on and on and on.
  • Tried NaNo for the first time.
  • Read a bit.
  • Had a few discussion posts like these and these.
  • Read some more.
  • Got a new sister. Which makes me the eldest of three sisters. And you know how the stories go. Humph. I’ll break the record when I become a world-famous writer, just you see 😉

    My little sis ^^

    My little sis ^^

  • I read even more books.
  • And more.
  • You get the idea.
  • Found that animes are the best. Especially Studio Ghibli. I could watch Spirited Away, Arrietty, Howl’s Moving Castle a gazillion times and still beg for more.
  • Changed themes:
  • I joined the yawning chasm threatening to take control of the bookish empire for good. Otherwise known as: Goodreads!
  • Evolved from a craft to book blog
  • Found an amazing IRL friend as well as budding writer (you know who you are). In fact, we’re even working on a novel. We’ve uploaded it on Wattpad too. You can read it here if you want to. Bonus points for anyone who does :’)

And that was my year in a long list.

 What are your weirdest search terms? And I have to ask this: if you’re the eldest of three, does that make you subject to bad luck?


25 thoughts on “Wherein I talk about New Years & why 2014 was Fabulous…

  1. gobbles down chocolate I’ve just clicked on the first page of Rendered. I like it already. I personally look ghoulish at five in the morning.

    Aw, your sister is adorable! 🙂 I’m an only child, unfortunately. (I mean, it’s good in some ways, but you know what I mean.) And let’s add one more mutual fandom to the list – Studio Ghibli! I simply ADORE Studio Ghibli. Happy newww yeaarr!


    • Ooh, yay! I’M GLAD YOU LIKE It flails Same here. Anyone who can pull off the ‘casual-just-got-out-of-bed-look’ is honestly not normal XD Hehe

      THANKS ❤ Studio Ghibli is life. I haven't managed to watch any anime by them and NOT love it. Srsly.

      And same to you :')

      Liked by 1 person

    Dunno really…I have a mixture of both I guess, but yes…perhaps the die were dealt a bit unfairly for me…hmm.


    • Aww, join the club 😥 high fives

      When I was younger I always found it unfair in stories that the youngest sibling was successful when she went out to seek her fortune, was clever, pretty, the heroine…you know the deal XD

      When I write my books, THINGS SHALL BE DIFFERENT. cue evil laugh

      Liked by 1 person

    • Let’s hope we survive 2015. So. Many. Books. Tingling with anticipation here.
      I am wary of her cuteness. Next thing I know she’ll be blackmailing me for candy, haha 😛


  3. These ice cream stick crafts (which we call paddle pop sticks in Australia, because of the ice cream), what are they making out of them I wonder. That’s really bizarre considering you’re not actually a craft blog. Or secretly making tiny wooden stick figures either I assume.

    But completely agree, 2014 was absolutely incredibly. Look out 2015, that’s going to be hard to top. Thanks for sharing Nirvana ❤


    • Hahaha, I seriously have no idea. I posted ten things to do with ice-cream sticks a year ago, and jt went and got about 5000 views. shakes head PEOPLE THESE DAYS XD

      2014 was an amazing year definitely. Thankyou ❤


  4. Wow, you are working on a novel! That’s amazing! Will definitely read it! The synopsis sounds interesting already!
    Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be of help–I don’t know anything about being the eldest; I’m an only child. Hehe. And I didn’t find any weird search terms (they were mostly about books); I was hoping I’d find some that are weird. Haha!
    Seems like you’ve learned a lot and had an amazing year last year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hopefully I complete it before I get sidetracked with another idea, hehe. Thanks for reading it ❤
      Some of the searcgh terms I get are literally out of this world. How a gay Harry Potter is related to my blog, I'll never know :'P
      Here's to an amazing 2015!


  5. Happy belated new Year to you too, Nirvana! Yesss I joined so many fandoms this year as well because I found so many lovely TV shows heh.

    I hope 2015 is awesomer! <33


    • Aww, same to you. To be honest, I wasn’t much into TV shows before 2014, but that year was a turning point. Half my fandoms, lol.

      2015 will be amazing ❤ SO MANY RELEASES vigorously nods


  6. Lol, seems like you’ve read A LOT of awesome series 🙂 The lunar chronicles and TMI are both my close personal favorites, so yay. HAHA, congratulations on the sister, I’m sure she won’t make your life TOO miserable. Waiting for all the 2015 releases in their GLORY ❤

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  7. I’m glad you had a wonderful 2014, I hop 2015 is just as good! I had a sucky 2014, so I’m due some good luck, right? dodges chocolate lol I joined the Sherlock fandom the year before last. At least we don’t have AS long to wait for a new season this way. I read Divergent, Lunar Chronicles and TMI for the first time this year too! Your sister is adorable! I’ve been addicted to anime for a while. Do you mean the weirdest search terms someone has found my blog with or the weirdest search things I’ve searched for, because as a writer the latter is much funnier. I think the middle child is the unlucky one, isn’t it?



      I’m sort of thankful I didn’t watch it earlier because then I’d have to wait even longer for the next season. Oh, the agony of waiting ;_; I’m still mad at myself for not discovering it when season 4 was released so I could watch it once and for all XD

      Those series are life. Seriously. Yass, the latter is funnier. Sometimes I search up things like ‘how to get rid of a body’ and ‘how to murder someone’ so if some moderator is checking my history he’s just forced to go ‘DA HECK?’ #awriterslife

      The middle child may be unlucky in real life, but it’s the stories which bother me. Every fairytale makes out the youngest to be an angel and the heroine of the story >.> lol, someone needs to change this ASAP


  8. THIS DOES SOUND SO FABULOUS THOUGH!! Yaay for such a good 2014! Nano is awesome. XD And congrats on a new little sister. Awww. I get a new niece or nephew this year and I’m excited. xD Little babies are so adorable….particularly if you can hand them back to their parents. coughs
    I’ve gotten a LOT of weird search terms. I think my favourite is “why are my glasses smudgy” to which I feel like replying, “I’ve got no clue, mate.” -_-
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    • Nano is life XD Aw, thanks. Yay for a new niece/nephew. You’ll have one more person to dump books on, at least :3
      I once had a search term that literally said “Why are talking fires adorable?” 0.o Haha, one of the best parts of blogging.


  9. Happy New Years!!! 😀

    Ice cream sticks??? Hahaha thats hilarious! XD Gifs are so the food of life! I find myself thinking sometimes when I make posts, “do you really need this gif?”, and I hesitate (for 1.2 seconds) but decide its a necessity. Hehe!

    I’m the eldest of three, and I don’t think it’s bad luck at all! Congratulations on your new sister! 😀


    • Happy belated new year to you too ^^

      Ikr? One would think that a two year old post would be long and forgotten buuut…nope. Gifs are totally a necessity.

      Thankyou! Both of us have someones to fangirl and rave to now 😀


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