To Reread or Not to Reread? *coughcough*

The cycle goes on.

I continue to battle with my conflicting emotions.

All is well. Not.

This is a question that has been plaguing  my mind for eons. No doubt it has been discussed and analyzed and scrutinized by countless bloggers before me. And it has.

But it still continues to exist.

To reread, or not to reread?

To be honest, I really don’t know.

At one point, I thought rereading was a complete waste of time when I had an entire shelf full brand new books from the library….buuuuuuut…this is the Nirvana who ended up rereading Harry Potter 7 times straight.*

Binge reading The Hunger Games at the moment when she had to suffer in an insanely long traffic jam. And then proceeded to dream about rose-obsessed blood drinking presidents and mutts.

*I actually have no idea. It’s probably more.#hpobsessions

I read to enjoy it, right? So if I really, really want to reread something why shouldn’t I? That’s the whole point.

Rereading makes me squeal like I used to…fangirl and bug my sister to death, remember the odd quirks of the main characters, wish my writing was as good as the author.

And I’ll say it. It brings back memories. The note in the front of the book as she gave it to me. Perhaps a wad of lost money. The ice cold of the winter I had read it on. sad animated GIF

The remnants of my tears. My broken soul.

Rereading never fails to disappoint.

But while I’m off rereading, I’m missing out on worlds.

I’m missing out on finishing that TBR.* While I’m rereading The Hunger Games, Heir of Fire awaits. Which I’m dying to get to, but somehow evade reading. Maybe I should just read it after the next book had been released >.>

*Oh, I think we’re past that now. It’s not happening. *wallows in self despair*


 And if I reread a book just as the movie has been released, I’ll nitpick to death until I get a 5 hour film with every act and dialogue from the book.

There’s that.

The same goes for re-watching. Avatar. Sherlock. Instead of re-watching whenever you need comfort (and reciting every single one of Moriarty’s lines) just take the plunge.

I admit it. Sometimes you’ll come across something so heart-rendingly horrific you’ll gag each time you hear the name. But you’ll also find that gem. The gem that will be your new obsession.

But sometimes you simply HAVE to reread.

Like when Fairest is being released and you feel the need to reread all three books to get into the festive spirit in order to allow yourself to read the actual book.

(I tried doing this with The Blood of Olympus. I didn’t have the patience. I lasted only about two days before I ended up reading the book. Aaah, yes. I marvel at my own patience too.)

Do you reread, or do you take the plunge? Or are you a mixed back like me? What’s a book you really wanna reread? Spill. xD



15 thoughts on “To Reread or Not to Reread? *coughcough*

  1. I’m very much a re-reader, especially if I’m feeling stressed. Sometime’s it’s just because I’ve run out of book, though – I go to the library about once a month and just take out like 12 books, so towards the end of the month I end up with not much to read. (It probably doesn’t help that I leave a few out.)

    I went through a phase last spring where I re-read Throne of Glass like every week. Let’s just say that I know it well now. 😆


  2. I like to re-read – if I loved a book the first time, I usually get even more out of it again. And old books are like old friends, they are good to visit with more than once. 🙂 Of course, I read new books as well, other wise, the old friends would grow stale, with no fresh perspectives to them. But i have no problems re-readiing, nor with watching movies many times.


  3. I love rereading – man, I love books that intrigue me so much that I feel as though I have to read them again because I can’t get enough of them. But I get what you mean – there’s so many books out there to taste, that have been written just for us.For the most part I try to squeeze in a bit of rereading in my freer, less clogged up days as well as reading new material (I read lots of books at once). 😀 It works, for the most part. ^.^


  4. If you don’t reread the characters just sit there missing you. they sit there unfulfilled in a land without magic or warmth. Only you can save them. With your donation of time you can save the life of at least one character.


  5. Ive reread the ‘Adventurers Wanted’ series multiple times. Usually its just because I have nothing new to read and that is a series that is really easy to just pick up time after time and read. Ive done both but usually the new books take top priority on my reading schedule.


  6. OMG, I know exactly what you mean! That stupid TBR pile is NEVER EVER going to end. It’s probably going to continue on and on and I’ll never finish all the books before I die. WAILS

    I don’t really get the urge to re-read a lot, but when I do, I really don’t give a rat’s ass about my TBR (I hope that doesn’t mean I’m a bad reader. Oh, crap. It DOES :O) I just hope we can all find a solution to this never-ending book production already. Hm…maybe they should have like a few months or something where writing books is illegal, like the Purge, only not writing instead of crime. That would help.


  7. I actually have never re-read a book :O I know, its crazy! But I think thats because I’ve only in the last year really started reading lots of books and reviewing them, so I constantly feel like theres all these new books I want to read (honestly, I’m like a kid in a candy store!) I know in maybe a year or two, there will definitely be some books I will re-read, but at the moment, I feel like I’ve got a box of Nerds in one hand, fizzy soda bottle gummies in the other, and sour glow worm chews on the table in front of me (I totally also just named my favourite candies hehehe XD ). I will definitely be re-reading the Harry Potter series – I was in LOVE with HP! I went so far as buying wands, spell books, broomsticks (oh, I went full dork).

    Great post! 😀


    • Sometimes there are GAZILLION AND GAZILLIONS of books waiting and one feels like just picking up a new world because of it’s awesomeness…I totally get how you feel.

      Reading the HP series again is epic. You see all sorts of clever foreshadowing done by J.K Rowling and feel like squealing and then laugh oh so much because of the humour :’)


  8. Man I feel you. I debate with myself on how much rereading I should do a year and I try to work out all the pros and cons but I still feel so undecided! I WANT TO REVISIT THE WORLDS I LOVE BUT THEN I’LL MISS OUT ON OTHERS D:

    Oh and omg hahaha same I thought I’d just read The Blood of Olympus later on but I couldn’t help myself but read it the second it came out.

    Lovely post, hun! <33


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