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Changes, changes, ch-ch-changes

You know what this is all about:


Chocolate for you if you guessed. My brain is telling me 99.987% have guessed correctly.

As I said in my last last post, I really need to change my blog name. Because it has been named with a craft reference. Basically my pocketful ofΒ craft supplies, things I made, poems and stories and you know the rest in the suburbs of the internet :’)

That won’t work out anymore.

What will work is something bookish. Something awesome. Something writerly.

And that calls for a….vote! Tell moi what you think should be the new name! Let the ideas run wild! Tell me whether the new name should be Ravings of a Pineapple! [ I have attested to being a pineapple and your worst nightmare thanks to Cait‘s survey] Yes?


Let’s see which one gets the most positive response. These are just ideas for now. Who knows, maybe I’ll come up with something tons better :3

The changes will be complete by the end of January. Or maybe mid-February. Depends on how clogged down I get.

But this is happening. So vote and tell me. Pwetty please?

And this brings me to the end of this super-short post. More is coming, promise.

Any ideas, folks? Tell me!


29 thoughts on “Changes, changes, ch-ch-changes

  1. Quenching the Quill was a pretty good one πŸ™‚ Its great that you’re trying out for a new name, but if you ask me the one you already have is quite lovely. Can;t wait to see what changes you make around the blog, don’t you just love it when you get inspired to do stuff like that?


  2. I’m loving Silver Dragons and Inky Quills! I’ve seen a lot of blogs with “Paper” at the start which is why I chose the Quill one because it’s so unique IMO πŸ™‚


    • Yay! Personally that one’s my fave rn πŸ˜€ Hmm, there are definitely a lot of blogs out there with paper in the name. Not to mention all the origami paper dragon tutorials XD


  3. Ooh, name changes are cool! I like what you’ve come up with, although I think recommend steering away from “paper” in your title just because I know quite a few blogs with it. (Agh! I probably wouldn’t have gone “Paper” Fury if I’d noticed how many blogs start with paper….) GOOD LUCK WITH THE NAME. Just make sure you are 100% satisfied with it, because it’s your blog not ours. πŸ˜‰
    I THINK YOU SHOULD CALL YOUR BLOG “CAIT’S PINEAPPLE MINION”. It has a gorgeous ring to it, right? nods


    • Hmmm, that does create a very real problem >.< There are many websites showing paper dragon origami tutorials too, so that's another thing….
      Honestly though, Paper Fury is a lovely name. It's perfect!


    • I’m so scared that I’ll pick a name and then start hating it a week afterwards >.< Hmm, maybe I should name it the ‘Raving Pineapple’ XD
      Ooh, a tag! Thanks! I have a few tags piled up, so hopefully I’m able to get to them soon.


  4. I like Paper Dragons πŸ™‚ It sounds mystical and playful ^^ I have to come up with a pseudonym to publish under and it’s a bit daunting because it will be my publishing name forever D: The Paper Butterfly isn’t appropriate for obvious reasons XD


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