The Infernal Devices ||…was that my heart?




Haha, I’m kidding. XD

If you’ve read TMI, then go ahead and read The Infernal Devices. If you’ve not read TMI, go and read The Infernal Devices anyway.

It is seriously 1000% more intense and amazing and you will not regret it. Promise.

It took me about four days to get through with the series…it was that good. Now some…ORDERLY…reviews.

Victorian London

Did I mention how much I like books set in this time? There’s something fascinating about all these people living so much more of a different life only a few hundred years from now.

Cassandra Clare wrote it well. Because if there’s one thing she’s good at, it’s making worlds. And she’s really, really good at it. In TMI, sometimes I would feel compelled to skip over the long boring descriptions and go over the action – what can I say? You expected it. I ADORE action and intricate plots – but it was a different case here. I LOVED IT.

Look at those heartwrenching covers ❤



Come on…HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THEY *-*  Yes I am a bad biased little fangirl who feels the need to judge covers.* Also obsessively photograph them in pretty places for about an hour.

*Everyone does it.

Okay. So there is a love triangle. CAN I MENTION IT IS A REALLY GOOD HAIR-TEAR WORTHY ONE? I was really critical of Throne of Glass when I heard it had a love triangle…and I was so wrong. This is another one.

It is also one of the only times I am not super-biased towards one of the guys and pretended that they didn’t exist.

#freakin’truth. SO. MANY. SHIPS.

There was Will and his sarcastic remarks, his incongruous fear of ducks [spoiler] HIS CURSE ;-; WHYYYYY[/spoiler] and Jem who is so selfless and nice and dying. I don’t have the heart to push one of the away. I ship both of ’em, and while one is sailing…the other is sinking.

And then all the characters ❤

Every character was so memorable. Let me put this straightforth: I’m terrible with names, especially if there are a lot of them.

Here every character was unique. And awesome. Did I even mention Charlotte and Henry?

The world building was perfect. The laws, the Clave – no matter how annoying they may be, isn’t that how real authorities are – THE SHADOWHUNTERS…


I loved Tessa waaaaaaaay more than Clary.

Clary was whiny, and had over SIX WHOLE BOOKS to learn how to fight and defend herself. And yet the one time she actually fought herself….she had to be rescued by Isabelle or she’d be a mush pile on the floor. Even though Jace kept on saying that he thought Clary was brave; show US that she’s brave.

Tessa was brave, period. And she actually learnt how to defend herself throughout the series.


 And her bookish conversations with Will were so fun to read. I mean, it’s BOOKS!!!!!

There needs to be more friendship *nods*

The only problems I found was that by the end of the series everyone started pairing up with each other and then soon got married. Like, whut? I want FRIENDSHIP too 😦

The ending also seemed to be a bit rushed. After all the build-up, the final battle ended a bit too quickly. I wanted to see more. Or maybe it was just me. But the defeat was genius.

Violins are good. (No, no, it’s not because of Sherlock. Okay. Fine. Maybe. It is.)

Y’know, the typical main character finds mysterious boy playing the piano, pouring their heart out into the music and that is the moment where the MC finds herself falling for him?


Here it wasn’t cliched the least. No hated love-at-first-sight and no pianos. There is way too large population of pianos in books and not enough violins.




Have you read any books set in Victorian London? And who takes as many pictures of books as themselves?



21 thoughts on “The Infernal Devices ||…was that my heart?

  1. Oh my gosh, YES! I loved The Infernal Devices. The covers are great and that was the best love triangle ever. I like Tessa more than Clary as well… okay, I’ll be honest, I love the entire cast from The Infernal Devices more than The Mortal Instrument’s.


  2. I love TID! I really do love the time period too.
    I am a hardcore Jessa shipper!! I really do not like those Herondale guys, although at least Will has an excuse for acting like a jerk. cough
    I like Clary and Tessa pretty equally, but Clary a little more. I found Tessa to be kind of annoying actually, but her love of books made up for it.
    These two series by Cassandra Clare are some of my favorites ever. I really like TMI because SIMON but I like TID because the plot is kind of better…just saying… ;P
    Great review!


    • JESSA IS TOTALLY THE BEST ❤ Though some part of me has a soft spot for Willtoo. Nothing beats that sarcasm though XD
      TMI MEANS TWO THINGS: ISABELLE LIGHTWOOD AND SIMON. Totally the best characters! TID has a great plotline. I’m glad it didn’t start to drag like it started to it TMI after City of Fallen Angels though.


  3. LOL Okay I feel bad now about being critical of triangles! (as it happens I didn’t like the Throne of Glass one. It felt predictable.) But really good hair-tear worthy ones – well! Perhaps I shall reconsider. =] I haven’t read this series but I keep noticing it’s gorgeous covers. I hear a lot of about Cassandra Clare so maybe I should try her books. They’re gonna be hard to find in the library!

    I haven’t read any books set in Victorian London, actually! I wanted to try reading a few steampunk novels. I’ve been meaning to for ages. Very interesting post! Thanks for sharing.


    • Generally I detest love triangles, amd if a book blurb implies as much I’ll rethink my decision. But really it depends 😉 Awwh, maybe it’s different for each person, eh? I like the love triangle between Chaol and Rowan – Dorian never really caught my fancy.

      I haven’t read any other steampunk books either, with the exception of he Boneshaker XD Thanks for stopping by, Ashana ❤


  4. I want I want I want. I’ve read 8 of Cassandra Clare’s books now AND I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. I want to read this trilogy BUT I also want to buy this trilogy because I’m like 98% certain I’ll fall in love and fangirl like a raging rhinoceros over them SO. It’d be handy to go ahead and buy them now, right? nods But I’m just a teeeny bit worried because I’m not usually a fan of Victorian-eras. sigh Still. If I love TMI I should love this right?!!


    • Read it read it read it! I’ve read 10 of her books if you count the Bane Chronicles XD The covers are oh so gorgeous Definitely something you would want to put on a shelf.
      If you love TMI, YOU’LL LOVE THIS MORE ❤ It’s epic. Don’t worry, the Victorian era doesn’t dominate the story (just you know the dresses, and settings around that time. Oh, and Tessa’s initialshock at wearing trousers XD)


  5. I liked the Infernal Devices better too. I surprisingly liked both guys too, but I loved Jem the most. All of the characters were good though and it was great seeing Magnus! I hope he’s in all of her series. Tessa was better than Clary, and not just because of the warlock thing. Yeah, the everyone pairs up with someone else did seem a little fast.

    I take way more photos of books than myself.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jem was so sweet and nice and amazing in every way that it broke my heart when he was dying. WHYYYYY ;-; The pairing up WAS way too fast. There needs to be more friendship based themes in book, even if I DO love shipping 😉



  6. Not London, but The Dark Unwinding is set in the Victorian Era and I loved that duet just as much as TID. FYI, the stories *look* steampunk, but aren’t magical fantasies. More gothic. Maybe you’ll like them?

    Liked by 1 person

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