The Change is Here! Also: 400 followers

The name change is finally over! Officially Quenching the Quill HERE WE COOME…

Eeek! The final results of the poll came as followed:


Paper Dragons proved to be the most popular choice, buuuuuuuut, I’ve seen a lot of blogs with the word paper in it. Quenching the Quill was the next choice, and it sounded perfect so here we go.

I’ve been working on the banner for quite a while – hope you guys love it 🙂 New theme, new name, the change is finally happening! I’ll still be adding a few pages to the menus and lots of more graphics eventually, but for now IT’S DONE AASDKSJALSK!!!

Excuse me for a minute while I compose myself.

ALSO: 400 FOLLOWERS ❤ 400 of you took the time to click that ‘follow me’ and automatically become awesome and read through my blog. All of you are lovely ^-^ And for that: thankyou. Thankyou, so much ❤

download (1)

The gifbomb is totally worth it!

Hugs for all of you that voted!

25 thoughts on “The Change is Here! Also: 400 followers

  1. I like Qunching the Quill better than Paper Dragons anyway. Paper and Dragons both are used in plenty of titles. The link in your gravatar doesn’t work so I googled you to find the link again and I wasn’t sure I had the right place at first. I like your banner. Congrats on 400 followers! That’s amazing!


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