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The Bane Chronicles || Magnus Bane is AWESOME.

So this is my tenth book by Cassandra Clare. I’m becoming quite the little Cassie Clare stalker..

Maybe I’ll make it an eleven xD  Magisterium, by Cassandra Clare, was it?

But I digress. The Bane Chronicles actually really surprised me. I expected short stories and Magnus and sarcasm but I’d rate it 3 stars. Clearly I was deluded. It was 500 pages of Magnus awesomeness. EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING.


What I got was 11 awesome short stories that had the proper feel of a novel, and not just page-fillers. Oh, and there was glitter and Magnus and sarcasm and humour and weird fashion sense and glittery fabulousness. Okay? Okay. (Obviously.)

What Really Happened in Peru

I feel like I should make it clear at this point, that we do not , in fact get know why Magnus was banned from Peru.


The story follows him on a series of (mis)adventures like how he tries to play a charango (even the llamas hated it), attempts a day as a pirate (ends up in a pile of bird poop) gets more drunk than he ever has (somehow he ends up flirting with a plate) cons a lot of annoying rich men (Kitty was a good partner in crime *nods*)

The Runaway Queen

So basically he concocts a scheme with a revolutionary to rescue *cough* kidnap Marie Antoinette. That’s all I shall say. Oh, and vampires and hot air balloons.


The comics at the start of each story were the best.


Vampires, Scones & Edmund Herondale

Here we met Edmund Herondale, and I was reminded of Will all over again. It made me sad and want to curl up into a ball and weep. It also made me want to flail copiously and squeal (and get a lot of weird looks from my family.

Oh, and Camille Belcourt and how it all actually started.



Looks like the fear runs in the family 😉

The Midnight Heir

This was my most favourite one ❤ It was like reading a fanfiction situated 15 years after the events of TID. It was dashes bittersweet but happy and then there was James Herondale. What ya’ll need to know: he’s a Herondale, truly and completely.

The Rise of Hotel Dumort


There was plenty of action in this one, but the plotline didn’t really appeal to me. Probably my least favourite.

Saving Raphael Santiago

MY FAVOURITE, HANDS DOWN.* The banter between Magnus and Rapheal was SO. FREAKING. HILARIOUS. Usually a book won’t make me laugh out loud, but say lol and smile. This story made me laugh.

We never exactly found out how Magnus saved Raphael in TMI, but we were given this story. THANKYOU, CASSANDRA CLARE.

*Afterthought: One of my favourites. I can’t decide and settle down with one like a normal person

The Fall of Hotel Dumort

Meh. Not AS good as the earlier stories.

What to Buy the Shadowhunter who has Everything (and who you are not officially dating anyway)

Another fabulous story. Scratch that. I think THIS is my fave. It was hilarious as Magnus was panicking and phoning all his friends trying to think of a present for Alec. (Doesn’t end well. He’s hung up on by everyone XD)  He ends up listening to advice from a demon who altogether talks too much. Mixed Tapes. Scented Candles.

BEST DEMON EVER. I couldn’t stop giggling.

 The Last Stand of the New York Institute

This one is about Valentine in the early days when he slaughtered innocent Downworlders.

I hate Valentine even more.

The ending (which incidentally also had Tessa) was really sweet.

The Course of True Love (and First Dates)


Oh God, they were so hilariously awkward and adorable and sweet on their first date <33

The Voicemail of Magnus Bane

Never mess with Isabelle Lightwood. HER VOICEMAIL IS QUITE SOMETHING. I flailed so much while reading this. Or at least internally flailed. Flailing for real would be awkward xD

“Open the door so I can kill you!”


“Think about being Lightwoodless and lonely five hundred years from now, in a sad and chilly nightclub on the moon.”

Have you read this? When was the last time you read a compilation of short stories? Most importantly: MAGNUS BANE ADSKJKLIO :O


6 thoughts on “The Bane Chronicles || Magnus Bane is AWESOME.

  1. I have read all the cassandra clare books, and this one most recently. I once almost hit someone with the hb of Iron trial (by mistake) Yeah, magnus makes everything better. And my ships were VERY happy to read some of the stories with Alec in them, and also Magnus is hilarious, but I liked that we saw how he covered up his hurt with humour in this book. Lovely review


  2. I used to be such a Cassandra Clare addict, read all of her TMI and TID books! I had to take a little break XD It seems like I really need to read the Bane Chronicles because you’ve made it sound so awesome!!! GLITTER!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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