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11 Steps to Become the Master of Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the most ancient sacred arts known to humanity. If you’ve been on our humble planet long enough, eventually come to learn it is also the hobby of many, and you shall most probably find the youth of our magnificent generation frequent it often. Maybe bit too much.

But for those who haven’t been enlightened, here is a step-by-step guide to learning to procrastinate like a pro. By the end of my enriching post, you shall find yourself wondering where that time went, and why you probably hadn’t used it to finish that novel or long essay.

Gather forth, eager learners!

1) Twitter

That in itself, is enough said. Your first step if you want to procrastinate: log onto Twitter. And then let the magic of procrastination work itself over you.

2) Take some shelfies

Because nothing is better than posing in front of your books.

“BOOM YA. I have this book and you don’t.”

(Honestly, I don’t. I’m poor. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH HARDCOVERS COST? XD And mostly ransack my library. Or wait for my friends to supply it for me. Hint, hint.)

3) Surf blogs

Everything seems so much better when you have something to procrastinate for.

4) Tumblr



So, crash course on Tumblr: Deep posts. Amazing fanart. Amazing quote graphics. Amazing gifs. Amazing agfsgdjhjkl fangirl things.

You get the gist.

Side note: What is it with the Supernatural fandom and Tumblr? I haven’t even seen it but I know half the plotline and all the characters’ names. They’re EVERYWHERE.

5) Doodle

In order to get the best procrastinating experience, spend a lot of time arguing with yourself on which quote to use as well.

6) Put your books in random places and take a picture

Imma take a picture of my babies now πŸ˜‰

Go wild. Put it anywhere!

On second thought, not anyyyywheeree. Baby sisters are vicious with books. Beware.

7) Make Google think you’re a murderer

Search a) extensively for baby names when making a new character so they think you’re an expecting mother b) ways to kill people c) how to dispose off a dead body

Have fun!

8) Puns, puns, puns

Because I entered ten puns for a competition. No pun in ten did.


Still. Fun way to waste time. (excluding the fact that I’ll laugh at the worst puns)

9) Stare into nothingness

Afterall, nothing is more entertaining than silently screaming at the universe for the purpose of your existence.

10) Make book Christmas trees

Even though Christmas is 11 months away. Because you are awesome like that.

11) Ramble on, my friends

So there are many ways you can ramble on, but my advice to you for the best experience and annoying everyone to death with your otps is to fangirl at top speed with no stopping to take breaths and just moving onto the best topic ever which can only be something as interesting as you magnanimous self and how you would be such a good ruler and how if you’re not interested in ruling move onto books because when all else fails: BOOKS.

11) Continue reading this blog post

Guess what? While you were reading this post, you managed to waste some time.*

*Ahem, no. You can’t just go ahead to say that *gasps*

Β Wow. Okay, I procrastinated so much demonstrating the art of procrastination for y’all. How do you procrastinate. Tell all :’)

25 thoughts on “11 Steps to Become the Master of Procrastination

  1. I’m actually horrible because I don’t do more than half the things on this list and I’m still a procrastinator. It’s so weird!

    For me, the blogging/twitter thing is the MAIN problem. I also have problems with going between watching bad YouTube videos and trying [and failing] to write a chapter.


    • Haha, it’s all fine. Everyone has their own way of procrastinating xD Definitely. Honestly, my auto notification thing on Android is so tempting too. Whenever someone posts something or comments I log in and then I just can’t leave.

      Twitter. And Tumblr.

      Huge problems to leave XD


    • Procrastinating life and reading blogs. You got life right πŸ˜› Aww, I once got locked out of he house and had to spend three hours waiting for someone to rescue me one way or the other. Thanks for commenting, Shanti!


  2. Oh my goodness, Tumblr. Tumblr. I swear, I’m already addicted and I don’t even have an account; I just like browsing blogs. Also, I totally agree with Supernatural (will someone please</em tell me what is up with that guy Gabriel and his candy?). I'm actually starting to want to watch it… *sighs* But I feel like that would really not be beneficial to my life.

    Also: YOUR DRAWING SKILLS ARE AWESOME. πŸ™‚ Here I am writing poetry/quotes/lyrics on my hand in biro and you go with the all the awesome crowns and typography and everything. I feel slightly ashamed…?

    Anyway, the new site header is beautiful too! (And I say this as a somewhat aesthetically critical person. It hurts me to look at my own blog, but I can't be bothered to try and fix it.)


    • TUMBLR. You should really, really make an account. It’s a great way of keeping track of amazing posts and gifs you like etc. (No. Actually, don’t. This is bad advice, as it gets even more addictive because then you have an incentive to post XD)

      Oh, and I keeping seeing Supernatural gif collections about Castiel and fallen/broken angels and teary emotional flailng….WHAT? Aww, thankyou ❀ The doodle took me a long while if I'll be honest. (I do that too!!!! My textbooks are like a lyrics directory or something, lol.)

      THANKS! Your header is lovely, don't you dare hurt πŸ˜› Definitely fun and unique…I like it!


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