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Liking hyped books makes me ordinary?


“Oh. So you like tfios? C’mon, that’s like so typical. Seriously?”

So I was having a discussion with someone the other day about books, when the topic of hyped books and my fandoms came up. I proceeded to list The Fault in Our Stars as one of them, and to that I was given the above response.

That brings me to the topic: Does liking a book everyone else loves make one ‘typical’ and ‘ordinary’

Giving it some thought; if a book is hyped, then it’s hyped for a reason. If everyone is going on and raving about the book, then there must be something about that books which makes it so popular. There must be a reason why the majority of people love it, why they cried, why they spend so much time writing fanfics for it.

On the other hand, if the book and you didn’t get along, it’s okay. No one is forcing you to like a book, and everyone has their opinions. It’s natural for everyone to think differently.

But the point comes here, is when liking hyped books makes you ‘ordinary’ If I am one of the 400 million Potterheads across the world, I loved those books for a reason and 400 million people across the world have loved HP and those books hold different memories, autographs, childhoods for each of ’em.

The only thing I want to say, is that it doesn’t matter which book you love. It doesn’t matter if it has a raging active fanbase across the net or whether it is a rare gem which you found at the bookstore or the library. What does matter, is what that book means to you, and that’s what counts.

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24 thoughts on “Liking hyped books makes me ordinary?

  1. This is a great topic of discussion. I admittedly find myself less likely to admit I’ve jumped on board a certain bandwagon when it’s become so popular just to avoid those kinds of conversations. You raise some great points here, well done. – ashley


    • Thanks! I usually read a book because I’ve seen a lot of raving reviews and I want to be in on the conversations, but once I start reading the book it is totally up to me whether I’m going to like it or not – like it happened for The Maze Runner which I disliked against a vast majority of people who loved it 😉

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  2. I have caved in and bought books several times because they were hyped. I then read it and either thought that it was an awesome read or it just wasn’t my cup of tea.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and whether you found out about a book and loved it because it was hyped or not, does not make you “ordinary” for liking that book. Read whatever you want!


    • I’ve definitely bought a lot or hyped books and because I really *want* to know how that books is after I’ve seen my friends/blogosphere describe it as phenomenal.

      If you enjoyed that book, of course you did. There’s a reason why so many people enjoyed that book! But if you disliked it; that’s *okay*. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.

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  3. You don’t have to read indie unknown books.
    The wonderful thing about reading hyped books is that there are a lot of people to about them with. Even if you didn’t like the book, that doesn’t make you ordinary. there is absolutly no need to be an elitist book snob.


  4. Agreed 100%! While I can’t say that I’ve loved every hyped book that I’ve read, I have loved the majority. Like you said, they are hyped for a reason. I never understood why people judge what someone else is reading, let them read what they want, and you read what you want. Great discussion!


  5. Yes Yes! OMG i completely agree. A lot of people think that the only reason I like the hyped books is because I want to be part of something larger, and dude, come ON, that is not true! We like the books – the fact that they’re hyped is merely a coincidence.


    • That is SO not true. There’s a girl in the class who I found out hadn’t really read a book, but was pretending that she had read it so she could be a part of our fangirling.

      ^ That’s what IS wrong. Everyone should be free to read and like what they like 🙂


  6. YES. TOTALLY AGREE. I mean, I loved The Hunger Games and The Winner’s Curse, but stayed off the bandwagon for Mortal Instruments + Cinder + TFIOS. It doesn’t really matter what you love, and you shouldn’t be shamed for reading anything at all, so long as you have educated opinions about it. *nods*


  7. I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH I CANNOT EVEN EXPLAIN IT. You are so so write. And I don’t think liking popular or famous books makes us any less of a bookworm. I sometimes feel super hyped books get looked down on by the internet readers as “not good enough”. *sigh* I don’t care if I like a super hyped book. No shame either way, right?! I love TFIOS and every time I rewatch the movie (or reread the book) I just melt and cry inside again.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    • I felt like somebody would have to write it sooner or later, right? 😛 People often hate on super-hyped books just to stand out or be ‘different’ which makes me hate it so much…


  8. This is so true! I’ve never had that reaction when talking about popular books with people. In fact, when the subject of books is mentioned, I usually talk about the more popular ones because I figure that the person I’m talking to probably read that book, and usually we’re both excited to have found another fan. But reading *anything* is better than nothing, no matter what it is. There’s nothing wrong with popular books, and you don’t have to seek books that are unheard of. Excellent post!

    By the way, I love your new blog design and the new blog name! 😀

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