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The Perks and Trials of Being a Fangirl/Boy

I say perks and trials, because, frankly I can’t choose. T’is both.

You see, the average fangirl could compete easily with a war veteran. She has faced things she would not like to face again, and she is left scarred for life rooting for couples that don’t exist and ramming into train stations with empty trolleys. She’s had mental breakdowns. She’s exploded from feels multiple times. She’s had to weep in corner with empty Nutella jars to keep her company.

She’s faced events she never wants to face again.

And now, since I have faced such hardships and toiled through many a book, I shall put together a guide for what happens when you Join A Fandom. So here is an ingenious (I’m modest like that) compilation for all that it takes to join a fandom.

Before you enter: I urge urge you to think this through.

There is no  e s c a p e.

Do not attempt to replicate any of the events carried out in books/TV Shows, I REPEAT, DO NOT.

(Wherein I’m quoting a fantastical youtuber whom I’ve been compulsively stalking for the past hour does just exactly that. *whispers* Goodbye, John.)

  • You cry over fictional characters more than real people
  • You have no money
  • Books are expensive *sniffles*
  • I would say merch, but I live halfway across the middle of nowhere *cue more sniffles*
  • You learn the prestigious art of being an insomniac
  • “Just one more chapter” said just about everyone ever.
  • JUST, ONE. *bursts out laughing*
  • Tumblr becomes a sliiiiiiiight obsession. (or is that just me? I’m paranoid now.)
  • You include references in everyday speech and then wait in vain for someone to get them.
  • Real life seems surprisingly dull.
  • You’re wondering why your eleventh birthday passed and you didn’t get your letter.
  • You’re wondering why you’re sixteenth birthday passed and a creepy vampire/gorgeous human/elf/Morpheus hasn’t fallen in love with you.
  • you’re slightly insane. (Only slightly.)
  • most of all, you are beautiful human being, who is capable of feeling emotion, of writing, of drawing fanart or anything else, and even by simply supporting the people who make these series, write these books.

I’d like to end with John Green.**

Nerd Squared – The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak

**Of course I’m ending with John Green. John Green ends everything. Including the life of a certain cancer-ridden teenager that we are still not over.

What perks and trials of being a fangirl/boy can you think of? Leave ’em in the comments :’)

26 thoughts on “The Perks and Trials of Being a Fangirl/Boy

  1. I’m wondering why no wizards have stopped by my house and asked me to go on an adventure… it’s very sad, how the real world can be so boring at times while our favoritest stories aren’t real even though they’re so much better than ordinary life. 😛

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    • #life’sgreatesttrial
      I’m wondering quite the same thing. Except I think I’d be more of the kind of Bilbo that wants to sit in and make a cup of tea than run after ogres XD Stories are so much better than real life.

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  2. #nerdlife

    Seriously, being a fangirl is the toughest yet funnest thing ever and as much as the pain of loving a fictional character hurts, it still beats regular life any day. My parents look at me weirdly whenever I tell them I cried or teared-up when I read a book, because I am just not that emotional in real life. There’s just *something* about people who don’t even exist that get to me. Like, WHAT IS THIS MAGIC. Sometimes I feel like I have no soul because I cry more for characters than for real people.

    That HP reference gave me lifeeee. I’m always so happy to see that even though the first book was published more than a decade ago, it still lives on so strongly in the hearts of so many. ❤ I'm beginning to think that Hogwarts accidentally sent out an old, weak owl like Errol and he never quite made it… *weeps* And yep, tumblr all the way. Though I only use my tumblr for anime/manga stuff, since I have my book blog to talk all about books! And don't even get me started on how broke I am. I'm a huge book hoarder and even my friends know that. Every time I walk through a bookstore they have to latch on to me so I don't run off and buy a book and bury myself in more debt. I have no self control. D:

    But a huge pro of being a fangirl? You meet so many awesome people who share the same interests. Thank God for the internet! Some of my closest friends are the ones I've met online, and we never would have gotten to know each other in the first place if books weren't the things we had in common! Being a fangirl is torturous for sure… but we all like that pain, don't we? 😉


    • Being a fangirl IS strange. To feel so much emotion for people who don’t exist, analyze every aspect of their lives what from the HP fandom posts which was literally an essay long ramble about the POSTAL system of Hogwarts and Owl Welfare. Being a fangirl is amazing, and I think I’d never want to change that ❤

      YES, I CAN LIVE WITH THAT EXPLANATION. It definitely had to be Errol. T.T

      Seriously, I have met so many awesome people and internet friend with the same interests. Torturous, but we like it 😉

      Like he said; 'everything that kills me makes me feel more alive,' #truth


  3. This is true and accurate on so many levels. But need life is indeed the most awesome kind of life. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.
    As Roald Dahl said: “I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good.”


  4. YES OMG THESE ARE SUCH TRIALS THOUGH. *cries piteously all over the comment section* Because, um, why are nerd things so expensive?? Like, I just want to wear an Avenger tee-shirt or something WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY DOUBLE TO PROVE I’M A NERD??? gah. And books. Books are very expensive. And I want to buy them and feed the authors, but I also want to feed myself so it’s hard.
    *hyperventilates quietly in the back corner*


  5. Jeez the fandom life is such a struggle XD

    I always want to buy merch. But I’m like “I don’t NEED it” but I WANT it. That’s a struggle in itself. I love that I get to make new friends because we listen/watch the same things. But I hate the fandom wars because all of us are passionate and it creates a divide. Eh, there’s good and there’s bad.


    • Need, want, SAME THING. That’s what I use to convince myself xD

      YESS, why can’t everyone be friends and bond because they’re passionate, and they care about these fictional characters and gah.


  6. AH I love this! SO TRUE! I admit, I have a terrible habit of wanting to buy ALL THE THINGS related to The Hunger Games. I have the books in quite a few editions. My wall clock, mousepad, bookends, calendar, blanket, ringtone, Kindle case… all Hunger Games. I even have a Mockingjay wine bottle opener hahah. OH and mugs of course. Yeah, umm… I think I have a real problem 😉


  7. I must admit, I’m not a fangirl. I love books, I love characters and fall in love with imagined worlds. But being older, I’m really fascinated by fandoms. And not just the bookish variety. The love teens have for Taylor Swift for example, or that fluffy haired kid from One Direction. It’s the fans that really make this ‘brands’ big. Teens who get behind their favourite bands, books and films and I love seeing them with such a strong online presence. That’s the beauty of being older though, money for books. I’d love to see authors reach out and connect more to their teen fans, after all, if not for you guys, they’d be out of a job. Awesome post Nirvana, really enjoyed it ❤

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    • That is so true though.These people are big, that famous, that admired, because in the end it was their fan behind that endless support. Thank you 🙂


  8. This post is so true!! But people who don’t fangirl have no idea how much they’re missing out! Oh and I’m really sorry for my family and friends, it must be hard for them as well. :”)
    I love your blog btw, you’re hilarious!:)
    And I love the design! How did you make it? xxx


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