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Sometime you have so many idea fledglings and you just want to write them ALL before they scurry but you want to focus on your WIP? It happens so much it’s not even funny. (Other times I’ll be parched dry and sobbing for something new. No in-between.)

So Alyssa at The Devil Does Takeout did a writing wishlist of all the ideas that she wanted to write one day a while back. (spoiler: they’re all amazing and if I found them in a bookshop one day, let’s face it, I’d buy all of them.) And a lot of bloggers have done this before too. Annnnnd, it brings me to my own list of ideas that I hope to write one day, but can’t for now because they’re fledglings and I have a WIP to finish. Camp NaNo in July, anyone?

  1. Sherlock and his imaginary friend, John.

Or the other way around. I just like this a lot, okay?!

No, but seriously can we have this heartbreaking book of Sherlock as a kid, and he’s a genius and he knows it. But he has severe schizophrenia and suffers from hallucinations, and his parents are forcing him to go to school and face other kids for the first time in his life after being homeschooled, and the novel is basically told through his streams of consciousness. And John, is nothing but figment  of his imagination.

Everybody needs somebody. Even a make-believe somebody.


2. Disease and magic

I haven’t read a book so far in which the main character has some sort of disorder, AND they’re gifted with magic. Give me all the books about them trying to cope with the wizarding world while trying to fit in, and doing spells and trying to make them work, how their disease affects their magic and just omg, I WANT THIS. I actually got this idea while toying around with Loony Blurbs a while ago.

Even with magic, the world ain’t perfect, and the broken ones will still be there.

(A second idea about disorders, I’m starting to see a pattern here.)

3. I want all the angst and emotion

A novel in which the main character is left with some sort of mark, so that whenever she feels a particular emotion, the villain will get stronger, feeding on her emotions. So like, imagine the kind of character we would have when she’s forced to restrain her anger all her life. And what will happen when that bottle is shaken and it finally explodes?

4. Crossing barriers

Basically, another book about handicapped people. For example, what would happen a blind girl and a deaf boy fell in love? Is that possible? I don’t know, but I definitely wanna try it out.

5. Gender-flipped fairytale retelling

I know this has been done before, but I really wanna give it a try. I mean, if Cinderella can be a cyborg living in dystopian China, can we have…a boy Pocahontas?

A girl Robin Hood. A guy Esmerelda. The possibilities are endless.

6. Stealing voices

An epic contemporary fantasy, where a guy who’s going to high school has to steal a voice every nine months to live. If he doesn’t he’ll die. An MC who isn’t exactly the ‘good guy’, has questionable morals, is willing to kill over a voice? Yeah, fun 😉

Oh, and what if he he loses a part of himself each time he steals a voice, and one of his victim’s traits or small quirk, any feature is passed onto him?

An amazing friend of mine (she’s fab) and I came up with this, and we’ll definitely write this after Camp NaNo.

And these are SOME of my ideas :3 How’s your writing going, Camp Nano or not? Any good books about kids with disorders? (it seems like I’m into these nowadays) Most importantly, do you think that we should write even when we don’t have ideas as exercise, or when inspiration is rambant?


32 thoughts on “Writing Wishlist

  1. That first one is just horrible and tragic! Why would you do that to Sherlock? Why? But I would read it. 😉 It’s a great idea for a book.

    I like all of them! Especially the one about a blind girl and deaf boy. I used to wonder all the time what if this were to happen. I would read that too! As well as the cross gender fairytales. I haven’t read many. But it sounds like it could be interesting.

    And the last one sounds amazing! Definitely go write that one!


    • YOU WOULD?! Okay, that’s incentive enough 😛

      Cross gender fairytales could be definitely an interesting concept to work with – warping everything that we’ve already known about fairytales.


  2. I love your idea about the disease and magic because you are right–I haven’t read anything like it and I’m sure the two can mix! It will definitely be something interesting to play with. 🙂


  3. OKAY I AM TOTALLY LOVING YOUR IDEAS. I particularly love the Sherlock and gender flipped fairytales one! SOMEONE NEEDS TO WRITE THESE BOOKS.


    • I know, Sherlock seems so…sad and lonely sometimes. And it makes me want to curl up into a ball and weep. And there would be so much angst and emotion in that book too…


  4. OMG PLEASE WRITE THE FIRST ONE, LIKE, NOW BEFORE I EXPLODE OUT OF MYB RAIN WITH COMPLETE LONGING. I WAAAAAANT IT. YOU GOTTA MAKE IT HAPPEN. *gets on knees and begs* It’s bascially genius, okay?! oh, and also, YES to more gender bent retellings! I’m so confused why we haven’t had more because they’re awesome. XD


  5. Ooh, these are all very interesting ideas. If I found them in a bookstore, I would definitely have to check them out, especially the first one, I think, because I like reading books about schizophrenia.

    And I know how it feels trying to write without ideas–it’s no fun. Usually, when I can’t think of anything, I read a bunch of books and let my brain relax (I don’t copy anything from the books, but somehow that reboots my idea producer).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  6. Woah, those are cool ideas!!! The one about stealing voices sounds really intruiging.
    My writing’s going pretty well; I’m preparing my novella Corroded Thorns for publication. It should be coming out sometime this month! Woohoo!


  7. Oh my land, some of these are AMAZINGGG. The crossing barriers idea (I would read this one, despite the fact that . . . *sniff* It might be a sad book to read? XD What do you think? You could make it so bittersweet!). And the stealing voices idea. jdkflas. That is creepy and cool at the same time. O_o XD Those are AWESOME!
    I think that we should all make a list like this, and then, on those days when we can think of nothing whatsoever to write about, we can turn to our list and voila! Inspiration! XD
    This is amazing! Great post! 😀


    • Yass, it would be bittersweet and sad…but I’m really not sure I could pull it off XD

      And I’d love to you see make your own Writing Wishlist. Link up with me if you plan on making one 🙂


  8. Love this post! All your ideas are AMAZING. I especially love the Sherlock idea, I would definitely read that! I also LOVE gender bent retellings, I have a vague idea for a giant series of retellings and if I ever get around to it I’m definitely flipping some genders for it. =)

    As for your questions, I just CAN’T write when I don’t have an idea. Luckily, I have a lot of ideas written down in various places. But whenever I’m stuck or blocked and I try to just write something random in order to get things flowing again or whatever, I just sit and stare at a blank screen the whole time.


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  10. There’s a book I’ve seen around the blogosphere (but haven’t read yet) called Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley that might combine disease and magic. The main character has some sort of lung condition, and then there’s something about a parallel world with flying ships. Not sure if it’s magic or not, but you might find it interesting if you’re looking for that sort of book.

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  11. These are great ideas, nirvana. I especially like the disorders and magic one. Because just because you have magic, doesn’t mean your life is perfect (this is one of my problems with Harry Potter. They have seemingly unlimited power.) Also, a gender flipped fairy tale would be so cool. Is Pocahontas a fairytale? It happened in real life too. The stealing voices one is also pretty awesome.


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