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// reading, breathing, glasses thievery, artistic attempts //

Things have been crazy. I like crazy. Apart from devouring a ton of donuts this week and drinking a ton of coffee to keep me alive from surviving all nighters, I think I’m out of my slump. I’m alive! *does joyous hapy dance*(pssh, as alive the undead can get. Or oh. Was that supposed to be a secret? Forget I ever said anything, blogglings)

What can I say, slumps are horrid.

And reading again is like breathing again. All is well.

Moving onto the fabulous events of my fabulous life (I surprise myself with my humble modesty, sometimes.)


I made a wishlist of all the fledgling dragons story ideas that I hope to hatch one day.

I sob because I’ve had a horrid slump and I can’t get out of it. But y’all come to the rescue with amazing ideas and they work so um I’M ECSTATIC.

I hand out free virtual cake and hugs because it’s my birthday and I make a bucketlist of things I wanna do someday. (spoiler: murdering someone and meeting Moriarty is one of them. Kidding. Not.)

I’m horrified at what kind of person I would have been without the necessities of life: Air, internet and books. And how much they’ve changed me as a person.


a.k.a I try to catch up on like, a century’s worth of books I’m behind on.

*click for hovering captions* WHICH ONE SHOULD I READ FIRST?


Turns out, I needed a break from death and destruction and destroying the world in reading. I know, it sounds unbelievable. You don’t take a break from these things.  So I dumped YA for a while (DON’T WORRY MY PRECIOUSSSSS I’LL BE BACK FOR YOU.) and read some Middle Grade. Surprisingly, it worked. Fluff and sweet preciousness and rainbow ponies and fluffy unicorns.

But the slump is gone, so huzzah!


Heist Society was a package full of thievery and breaking into top-security museums and criminals and mansions and I loved it. The actions might have been, eh, a tad slow? But still loved it. Also the only YA book I managed.

Things Hoped For was all about crazy music playing (eeek, did I mention the violin? DID I MENTION THE VIOLIN?! sorry, I need to control my emotions.) and getting into auditions and finding her missing grandfather.

The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place was completely Lemony Snicket. Except; think Victorian settings which I seem to have a fetish for  I’m pretty sure if Snicket had a doppelganger, it would be her. (but I didn’t mind because I LOVE HIS BOOKS.) But I enjoyed it. The ending was a bit off.

The Giver. I’VE HEARD SO MANY GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS ONE. I need to get to it.

Shakespeare’s Secret I love this book because the narrator has an odd name and she has to live life that way, just like yours truly. Ring a bell? *clears throat* That’s not the only reason why I loved this book though. Actual mysteries which might have happened at one point before my enlightening existence peppered with fictional facts? I loved it – light and refreshing.


Since I don’t do life updated an awful lot, I might as well fill you in on the going ons anyway. I put on a load of mehndi on myself – not as disastrous as the last attempt, these ones were slightly better for Eid. If I’m completely honest, I’m proud. *flails*

Other important updates as of life? The unbeknownst devil known as My Sister tried to steal my glasses for an hour till I finally gave in to her evil motives and let them try them on. If I said try, I would be lying. She didn’t leave them alone for the next day afterwards.

I also reached 20k on my Nano draft, which is a huuuuge improvement from my last attempt, if we count editing and on. I might actually get this done!

Also, there’s a teaser trailer for the TV series that’s coming up for A Series of Unfortunate Events and it’s fan-freaking-tastic. If it might be fanmade, it’s still amazing. IT’S ALMOST AUTHENTIC AND I’M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.

so how was your week, peoples? what books did you devour? which ones should I devour first? the biggest question as of yet; what intricate schemes should be initiated to extricate vital objects from the paws of tiny siblings?

10 thoughts on “// reading, breathing, glasses thievery, artistic attempts //

  1. Ah, breathing. Takes up so much time. Anyway, I’m glad you liked Heist Society! I agree–the action feels a smidge slow, and I prefer other books by the author (translation: the Gallagher Girl series). And I did not know there was going to be a Series of Unfortunate Events TV show. *dies of happiness* At this point, my life is pretty much complete.

    Those books you need to read–I need to read them too. I am horribly behind on reading all things popular and recent. But I’m catching up! (Slowly, but it counts.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Such an effort. I’m proud of my breathing accomplishments. Ooh, I’ve started the Gallagher Girls series. The humour is SO on point though. XD

      …ikr. I have a LOT of books to catch up with. Ah well, we’re doing this together.


  2. OH MY GOSHHHH. YOU ARE DOING CAMP NANO? DAJFKSAL. What is your goal?! 20K IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my word, CONGRATS. :”D What is your novel about? EEEK! I AM CHEERING YOU ON!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me when you reach. your. goal. djaklfda.
    You are so brave to do all-nighters. *gulp* ARE YOU SLEEPING IN THE DAY?! XD I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR READING SLUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome news. 😀 I hope you had cake to celebrate. 😉 😀


    • ACH SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY >.< I made it /almost/ to my word count so prettty happy here XD AND THANK YOU ASDKL THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. It's about getting stuck in London, in which two MCs end up having a city-wide treasure hunt to leave behind. As a part of themselves. I might have mentioned it sometimes, but hopefully I can do a post on it soon XD


  3. Happy Birthday and congrats on 20k! Slumps are the worst! I’m glad yours is over. Lighter books usually get me out too. The giver is pretty dark, just to warn you. I didn’t like it, but I’m not a dark person. I still haven’t read Raven Boys either!! Happy writing!


    • I read the Giver, but surprisingly liked it. The dark themes complemented the dystopian setting, so I’m glad it worked out 🙂 Maybe some out book…? Haha, when we do maybe we can do a joint review or something. Thankyou :’)


  4. Oh hi Nirvana! I was travelling through Kashmir on Eid and it was weird because in the towns it was so crowded we were stuck in a traffic jam but as soon as we got out the roads were deserted. Haha, I have a weird name too! It’s mongolian and means dreaming of galloping horses. (And no, I have absolutely zero mongolian heritage). I loved the Heist Society! You should read all the other books in the series. Read all the bright places next! (It’s very sad though). Good job on Camp Nano!


    • Ooh, Kashmir! (Sorry for the late replyy >.<) HERE'S TO HAVING NAMES WE'LL NEVER FIND ON A COKE BOTTLE. Or one of those name keychain ring either. Le sigh. YES I LOVE THIEF/SPY BOOKS. Thanks!


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