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10 Bookish Peoples Whom I’d Love to Fangirl With

a.k.a Characters who love books as much as we do. This shouldn’t be hard at all, because a) books b) people who love books.

Does posting this at midnight so it’s technically Wednesday count? Ach, I have terrible wifi.

First of all, the most obvious one which would be almost a crime for me to miss;

Hermione, please don’t kill me, and I feel horrible about this but I’m going to have to leave you out of this list. I think this is the first list in which I managed to keep Harry Potter out (ha! no I didn’t). Personal record, huh? XD

1. Cath ~ Fangirl

I am Cath. Cath is me. Excluding the Levi part. Unfortunately I know no Levi, but I digress. Cath is one of us, and she loves books, and she knows how awkward it gets around people in general and she reads a lot and writes fanfiction and is basically perfect.

Just another reason why I love Rainbow Rowell.

The fact that she proves it’s possible to live on jars of peanut butter definitely helps.

2. Matilda Wormwood ~ Matilda

First off, this is one of the books in which I watched the movie before I read the book. And I loved it as much – if more, proven guity – which is pretty goddarned weird for me. But it also means I adore these very very much. One of those movies (or books!) in which I basically know every dialogue by heart. It makes me feel happy and giddy and Matilda loves books.

At one point she drags a whole wheelbarrow of books from the library, which sort of happened to me once. Long story. Also, obviously, books!

3. Celeana Sardothien

Because it should totally be okay for someone to be kick-ass and be able to go around killing people and still love books too. And candy. Candy is important.

Wiser words of wisdom were never spoken.

4. Anne Shirley ~ Anne of Green Gables

*whispers* I ship her so hard with Gilbert.

Moving on.

She’s had way too many disasters for her own good. Not forgetting the times where she accidentally died her hair green. She writes, imagines too much, loses her temper a lot, and reads. She’s fab at naming stuff too. Har, har. It’s not like I spend more time actually coming up names for posts and books than actually writing them. Not at all. 

5. Tessa ~ The Infernal Devices

I love Will and Tessa conversations. Especially when they go into “let’s go burrow into the library and have long bookish conversations” mode. Which does things for my shipper heart. They have epic battles with long exchanges of quotes from their favourite books (Which is a very Nirvana like thing to do. I live for reciting Moriarty quotes like poetry. And book quotes which will not help me in job interviews whatsoever. Unless they’re wearing a “Keep Calm and Carry On” T-shirt The odds are definitely in my favour. I have lost count at how many references I made there and I am completely off the point. Forgive me.)

So Tessa is nice.

6. Klaus Baudelaire ~ A Series of Unfortunate Events

I would like Lemony Snicket to know that most of us ignored the warning to stop reading his book. Way back at The Bad Beginning. Because I went ahead and read, what, seventeen of his books? Oops.

Anyways, I’ve only seen one person so far do Klaus. *whispers* You know who you are.

Where Sunny has sharp teeth which are very useful up climbing elevator shafts and cooking delicious food, Violet has inventing; Klaus on the other hand, had books. Lot of them. He read. And stored it all in his brain. Which I approve of.

7. Harriet ~ Harriet the Spy

Okay, story time folks. Back from when I was a teeny tiny tot and ate books; like actually actually ate books, and had to tip toe to get to shelves a lot, I nourished the dream to become a spy. And Harriet had me trying to prowl the kitchen and see what world changing details had conspired there. (I was too introverted to prowl the neighborhood. I was waiting till my powers of invisibility set in.) And to this day, I plan on gathering stiletto boots which are well capable of murdering someone getting a letter to Gallagher Girls. Since, you know, my Hogwarts letter was a no-show.

Harriet  is flawed and human and a person who’s written to be real. I might have cheated here. Does writing a spy journal count?  She did burrow under the covers long after lights were out till someone had to take the book from her. Yes. That is an admirable thing to do. Which I engage in sometimes, er, most of the time.

8. Sabrina Grimm ~ The Sisters Grimm

These books are a delicious re-telling. In which basically every character from The Brothers Grimm is real, alive, and breathing. But trapped into Ferryport Landing under a curse so, you know, wolves couldn’t have innocent grandmothers for lunch everyday.

Every character has so much depth (even for a middle grade book) and it starts out as cute and fluffy to dark retelling. Angsty and helpless and angry with amazing banter and flawed and real. I’ll stop now.

Sabrina totally counts. She’s  super fond of sneaking a book of prophecies and reading up on old spells. And reading up on every one of Grimm’s tales because she thinks everyone in the  town is psycho.

9. Meggie ~ Inkheart

Her father binds books. And can read characters out of books. Especially firebreathing adorable ones like Dustfinger. She has that ability too. It’s beautiful.

She reads. A lot. Who wouldn’t, in that scenario?

10. Annabeth ~ Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus

Because this is protocol. How can I skip out the other half to my OTP?! I’m still not over her losing Daedalus’s laptop though.

This post was hard because I just reread Eleanor and Park and it still reduced me to a crying heap in the corner. So, well, slightly  emotionally damaged. What person would you like to have a proper bookish conversation with? (And eat pie. Pie is good.) What’s your faves when it comes to them.

18 thoughts on “10 Bookish Peoples Whom I’d Love to Fangirl With

  1. Love the list and how you laid it out. I have seen Fangirl everywhere this Tuesday and I am suitably intrigued! Plus I really want to read the spin off when it comes out later this year, as it sounds like Harry Potter-esque excellentness.


  2. This is an AWESOME list! I only know of, like, three of these characters, but I have no doubt that the rest are as awesomely literate as the ones I do know of! Am I allowed to ask what your top, number one bookish character who you would love to fangirl with would be? 😀 Or is that not on? XD 😉


  3. I liked this post ❤ ❤ . Yes, I like Cath too. I'm happy I've read most of these books. (Not infernal devices because I was put off by Mortal instruments which was boring) I haven't read Harriet the Spy or the Sisters grimm, and both sound good. I read some of Unfortunate Events? Anyway, characters who are bookish! My favourite!


    • Ooh, I didn’t like The Mortal Instruments at all. It felt super slow, and just dragged in general. BUT YOU MUST TRY THE INFERNAL DEVICES. I like it a LOT better than TMI, and you should really give it a try.Trust me. xDD


  4. Oooo I loved your list girl! I would deff read with all of these girls. And awww for Hermione but maybe next time. Teehee I’ve read and watched Matilda but it seems like there’a a lot of bloggers talking about this book so it makes me want to read it. Like a lot.


    • Thanks! I don’t know, to some point I actually preferred the MOVIE to the books (I know *hangs head*) but tbh the book has just as much of it’s own touch.


  5. Celeana Sardothien and I could totally be best friends. Any girl who can kick ass like that and still want to curl up with a book and eat cake is awesome. I’m so sad, I wish I loved Fangirl like so many others including yourself have. I might have to go back and read it again, see if I like it the second time around, Great post Nirvana, really enjoyed it ❤


    • CELEANAA ❤ Yes, anyone who can do that? Frigging awesome.

      That's okay, I know that sometimes the hype doesn't live up to the books (If I'm being completely honest here I liked E & P more than Fangirl) so yes I know what you mean. But yeah, a reread might be in order xD Thankyouu!


  6. KLAUS! I totally love him. And I’ve only read the first two books of the series (and I keep meaning to!). And yes, I’d totally book fangirl with Celaena. 😀


  7. YES! I have never read Fangirl but I can already relate to Cath so much. I remember all my teen days when I would watch anime left and right, read fanfics when done and then write them. I think I’ve written over ten fanfics in my lifetime (some bad, some meh, some well-received XDDD). You’re right in saying Cath represents us A LOT.

    Faye at The Social Potato


  8. Klaus and Tessa for the win! Oh, and Annabeth. I think Annabeth is like Klaus and Violet put together. I haven’t read any of the others you listed, but Catholic could definitely be my secret best friend. I just need to MEET her.


  9. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after checking through some of
    the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!


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