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That Awkward Moment when you’re a ceiling fan


To explain that super out-of context post name in full, see the last two lines.

I find it a very calming experience to sit down on the internet once in a while (O
nce in a while. In a while. Do you see the flaw in this assumption? *maniacal laughter*) and be sociable with humans of my own kind, i.e. fanpeople.* People who are enthusiastic about certain things,

*I have come to realize that the term fangirl is rather unfair, so hence the more genderfluid term; fanpeople. Yay!

As much as I’ve had fun, and the majority of people are super nice, and we’ve had great conversations and I’ll be a creepy bloggling by binge-reading their posts because I want to read more and they’re just generally great human beings. I probably shouldn’t, but hey, I’m a flawed human being. But.

I’ve seen a few friends/people on Tumblr/internet in general where they become biased. And I’m not implying all of us are like that , the percentage is minute.

We’re a great community.

But sometimes, I just want us to know this.

How big a fan you are, is not defined by whether you binged a season of your TV series in one night, or whether you took a month to do it.

Whether you draw gorgeous fanart, whether you write fanfics, whether you manage to have a conversation with the author on Twitter. Or whether you’re the person who reads those fanfics, and supports the artist.

You don’t have to write a blog on character analyzing to deduce whether the MC really has feelings for his best friend. You don’t need to recite trivia about characters from the wiki to be deduced as a fan.

You don’t need to know that Sherlock wrote a blog on 240 different kinds of tobacco ash, or research the life of Benedict Cumberbatch to be deduced as a “true fan” of the series.

Some very lucky little beans were lucky to be born when JKR released her first book and were a fan for aaaages, and have basically done your waiting, TWELVE YEARS OF IT (In Azkaban!1!!) whereas others joined the fandom recently (#potterheads2k15).

Your dedication in both cases, is perfect and admirable. Bonus tip: Never say, “I was into this way before you were and this gives me superior fan rights.” Or anything that closely resembles that statement. It’s perfectly okay to write a status up flailing over that. But maybe it’s just me, but the fact when a person starts to get cocky over the fact, or if one tries to have a conversation with them, they keep bringing that up over and over? Not cool.

Sure, the I Liked It Before it Got Popular syndrome is real, and it is painful.

(Grrr, BBC Sherlock) And people don’t seem to acknowledge it. But honestly, we’re all in it for the same thing here. We’re all here together, so why don’t we just be happy and enjoy the time we have spent enthusing said object of your affections.

Nothing gives you elite fan status.

Sure, some of us may be more active than others, some of us may be those quiet lurkers on online forums, and we rock (…ourselves in the shower drowning in our tears…). Or you might write a thousand word, all cap raving on a blog. We’re all different. And the fandom community should embrace that. Whoever you are, whatever you do.

We can be quiet and introverted, or we can own a vlogging channel. Sometimes a person just won’t click with you, other time’s it will be like; “WHERE WERE YOU ALL THIS TIME??”

But in the end we’re all in the same place because we’re here for the same reasons.

If the thing that’s all the rage now is a fond memory of you being enthusiastic about it two years ago, whatever.

So let’s embrace that. And wait for that last book of the series together.

You’re not a true fan. You can never be a true fan. Unless your arm can rotate 360 degrees multiple times in a minute, and you prefer to inhibit ceilings.


do you write fanfics/ draw fanart? or do you prefer to be a silent lurking fan? ;D

Nirvana A


32 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment when you’re a ceiling fan

  1. BLESS THIS POST 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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  2. Gosh, Nirvana (Totally love your name btw–not a creeper) Teehee, but you have no idea how much I agree with this (And I’m totally going to contradict myself here, I’ve been one of those people like with Divergent, and how some people only started liking it and raved about it AFTER the movie came out) I had some qualms about this and like you said, felt that since I read the books before the movie came out that I was the ‘true fan’ (whatever that even means) It’s not right but it does happen. So I totally understand, on the other hand, my dad loves the football team, the Saints but he only just recently started watching football so of course some people had some stuff to say about that about them being ‘with the Saints since the beginning’ but *shrugs* whatevs. We like what we like, whenever we began to like it. We’re all true fans. 🙂 Lovely post boo! ❤


    • Aw, thanks Keionda ❤ YEAH SAME. It bugged me so much when people started making Divergent the "cool thing" after the movie came out when duuuude, excuse me, I had read them ages before. But I think I'm over it, because this whole fan competition thing is getting repetitious now.

      I love your dad's attitude! XD And thanks for commenting, hun.


  3. GIRL, PREACH PREACH PREACH. This needs to be known and this needs to go like extremely viral. And whenever someone ditches someone else because of the “elite rights” bull they need to be linked to this page. I’m not active in any fandom since university started last year (i know rIGHT LIKE HOW DID I LIVE) and even before that I did realise the existence of this and like its one of the reasons I leave/deactivate from fandoms. Sure if you ask me whether I still like BBC Sherlock or whatever (“R U FREAKING SERIOUS IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE TO STOP???”) I still LOVE IT its jusT I AM DONE WITH PEOPLE SOMETIMES MAN (and like i dont have time for that tbh lmao)

    Amazing amazing post, I’d talk more about it but I’m short of time (again) so yESSS YOU THE BOMB DOT COM


  4. Definitely yes! I know so many people who forget that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve liked something for, you can still flail over it passionately with anyone else who knows about it, even if they have loved it for longer/shorter than you. ❤


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  6. I BE AGREEING WITH THIS. So much. So freaking much. I mean, I used to be kinda snooty about I Liked It Before It Got Popular and I still sometimes am, but… I try to let it go. Mostly. I just want the fandom to be an awesome community for everyone. 🙂 I occasionally attempt fic (which is either old and embarrassing or firmly staying my desktop haha) but I read a lot. Like, a lot. *hides*
    Fanpeople so needs to be a thing! I feel like ‘fangirl’ can be a bit exclusive.
    (Alsooo I am sorry that this is 100% unrelated and you probably don’t want to give all your secrets away eep but what did you use to make your header?)


    • …If I’m being /completely/* honest? I used to be kinda snooty about that as well, and sometimes when the hype gets too much, I admit guilty, I still am XD But yeesh, I tryy. Ohmygosh, ikr? Reading my old fanfics I either want to a) crawl under my bed and hide b) cry. Because other people’s books are sososo good and suddenly I feel depressed XD

      It is completeeely okay. I’m glad you asked 😀 I used Photoshop, but another great site which I use to make my graphics is (If you want help with PS or something for a new theme, I’d be happy to help – though it’s completely okay if you want to experiment on your own as well :’)

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      • Thank you so much! 🙂 I don’t actually have PS but, ahem, we have some computers with it at school, so I might sneak in and use that. 😉 I usually just use an app thing or canva. Yeah, I’m hoping to redo my blog sometime soon so the secret agent research glasses have been put on. *looks sneakily to the side as camera zooms in*
        Aah, thank you – I think I’m mostly okay right now since my ideas are still a COMPLETE SPLURGE, but if you have know any sites for resources that would great? Eek, thanks!


  7. LOVE. Especially the dog and fan 😀 But seriously, there is NOT a fan competition, because there is no actual way to decide if someone is a bigger fan of something than someone else. I mean, can you even imagine that algorithm? First, you’d have to do this whole psychological breakdown to see how much people liked stuff in GENERAL. Then, you’d have to find some way to measure how much they liked Random Fandom (hahha that rhymes!) and somehow come up with a “score” of fandomness. I assume this has to require some kind of brain monitoring, no?

    See how ridiculous that would be, people!? SEE!? (And now, someone is going to totally want this to be a thing!)

    As for me, I don’t do any kind of fan fiction OR art, I leave that to the pros, because I am basically on a first grade art level over here 😉 Fabulous post!


  8. ‘That Awkward Moment when you’re a ceiling fan’ is the best heading for post I’ve ever seen. Ever.

    I’m far too old to be a fangirl. When I was a teen, you were either into stuff, or you weren’t. There wasn’t any particular term for it, and if you liked it, then you all liked whatever it was together. As an outsider watching what kids call ‘fandoms’, it’s just another highschool clique that spills over onto the internet. I mean, who determines who is the bigger fan? You can draw pictures, create art and talk about a particular book until your blue in the face, but for me that doesn’t mean that you’re a bigger fan than the quiet reader who loved the books, purchased them and rereads them without sharing it on every social media platform available. Some teens just don’t roll that way. I’m all for books, movies or bands having a fan base, but not at the expensive of excluding others. Boy, things have really changed since I was a teen. Awesome post Nirvana, and such an important and big part of YA nowadays isn’t it ❤


  9. I absolutely adore this post because it is all very, very true! We are all fans whether we’re drawing fanart, writing fanfics, or just silently lurking and silently flailing to ourselves. I really don’t get why there is a need to be competitive with other fans… I mean, you both like the same thing, shouldn’t that be celebrated instead of seeing it as a competition of who likes what better?! And just like what Shannon said, that would need some serious algorithm bigger than Facebook’s ;D We should all celebrate fandoms and fans in general because we come from all walks of life and are united by one thing: that show, that book, that OTP, that movie… and it’s something to be amazed about ❤

    Faye at The Social Potato


    • It needed to be said at one point, or another xD WE SHOULD ALL JUST BE HAPPY AND SIT AROUND CAMPFIRES AND SING KUMBAYA….

      ….or express our peace through, other, less weird ways XD All fans need to be appreciated, fanfic writers, famous YouTubers or casual watchers, whatever.


  10. I agree with this post 100%, although I tend to get it more with comic book fans than I do with other TV shows (maybe it’s because I’m the one that got most of my friends hooked on the TV shows?). Why to I have to recite the entire life story of some random superhero that only appeared in two comics to be considered a real fan? I like Marvel. I am a Marvel fangirl. No, I don’t know anything about Deadpool. Why? Because I read Avengers comics and not X-Men Ones. It’s frustrating and it’s tiring.

    Thanks for stopping by Writing on a Vintage Typewriter!

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  11. Great post title–and also, good point. I think fans should just be happy to congregate with other fans. I don’t think we should worry about who’s “more of a fan” and who’s been a fan longer, as if that could even be gaged. As for what type of non-ceiling fan I am, I don’t write fan fiction (although that’s not to say I never will), but I’m not a silent secret fan either. If I really like a book or show, I’ll research the authors and the fan theories and suchlike–I enjoy watching interviews and behind-the-scenes stuff. And I might have a growing collection of Doctor Who memorabilia, so I’m that sort of fan as well. Anyway, thanks for sharing!


  12. Beautiful post, Nirvana, you’re absolutely right – it’s so easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to other fans. I used to envy all of the people that could draw great fanarts and write great fics, as they seem to make fandom friends so much quicker than little old, boring me. But there’s no one way to be a fan to anything. Even if all you do is rec a book, buy a movie, or quietly enjoy a song, it does not make you any less of an ardent fan. I love your positivity in this!!


  13. This post is so true! Fans come in all shapes and sizes. And I think I’m a fan without doing a lot of the stuff other people do, like binge watching or getting insane merchandise. Thank you, Nirvana!


  14. “Sherlock wrote a blog on 240 different kinds of tobacco ash” lmaooo!
    I’m a silent lurking fan but I admire the fanpeople’s talent so much. Some fanarts are so amazing I get emotional over them???? And let’s not even start on fanfics and how even though there are quite horrendous dinosaur au ones, there are also WRITTEN GEMS.


  15. This is such a wonderful post Nirvana, and that title is the best!:)
    I won’t say that I am such a wonderful person who doesn’t have the “I was a fan of this first” syndrome. I sometimes feel frustrated and maybe a bit jealous (who knows, I really don’t know how to appropriately define those feels) when someone enters a fandom which I’ve been part of for a reaaaally long time, and gushes about it! It’s just a natural feeling, and I am not going to deny that I haven’t felt it. But I also agree with you! A fan is a fan whether it’s a ceiling fan or table fan… oops sorry, that’s not the topic. I meant that a fan is a fan no matter when they become one or how they express their feelings for the fandom.


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